Robert Attenborough Wife, Children, Family: David Attenborough Son

Robert Attenborough

Robert Attenborough

Robert Attenborough is the son of David Attenborough. Robert is a senior lecturer and university professor. Likewise, David is a famous English broadcaster. 

Robert is the only son and second child of David. Robert has a sister too.In spite of his highly reputed father, Robert is a reserved person. He rarely makes public appearances. 

Name Robert Attenborough
Gender Male
Nationality American-Australian
Profession Lecturer
Parents David Attenborough and Jane Elizabeth Ebsworth Oriel
Siblings Susan Attenborough
Married/Single Married

10 Facts on Robert Attenborough

  1. Robert Attenborough is the son of David Attenborough. His age and date of birth are currently not available. 
  2. As per his bio, Robert is a senior lecturer at Australian National University. Likewise, he teaches in the Bioanthropology department with a focus on Anthropology. 
  3. Speaking about his parents, David Attenborough is a renowned English Broadcaster and naturalist. He is known for his Animal and Plant Life documentary series.
  4. Robert’s other family members consisted of his mother, Jane Elizabeth Ebsworth Oriel. Unfortunately, Jane is no more in the world as she passed away in 1997. 
  5. Moving into his siblings, Attenborough has a sister named, Susan Attenborough. Likewise, Susan is an ex-school teacher and headmistress of a primary school.
  6. Unlike his famous father, the lecturer lives a quiet life with his wife and children in Australia. However, their information is still a mystery to the public. 
  7. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Robert will share a fortune of $35 million dollars from his father. Furthermore, he must be earning decently from his career as a senior lecturer as well. 
  8. The father and son have a very complicated relationship. This is because David spent most of the days travelling when Robert was growing up. However, they are really close in spite of this. 
  9. Although David broke the internet with Instagram followers, his son seems distant from social media. In fact, Robert’s IG and Twitter handle is absent.
  10. Robert has published a number of research papers in his field. Moreover, he has worked in the health and nutrition of less developed countries. 

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