Robert Scianna Net Worth, Age and Instagram: Why Was He Arrested?

Why Is Robert Scianna From Cheer Arrested? Everything On Instagram, Age and Net Worth

Why Is Robert Scianna From Cheer Arrested? Everything On Instagram, Age and Net Worth

Robert Scianna is a well-known athlete and actor who can be found active on Instagram as @robertscianna. According to Famous Birthdays, he is a part of the California All-Stars Smoed squad and has already been an NCA Champion

Also, he is a 2-time World Champion and also a Majors Champion. As an actor, he has appeared as SMOED Cheerleader in the television series called Cheerleaders and also played the role of Robert in the 2018 television series 20 Something.

Robert Scianna Instagram And Age

As a celebrity, Robert Scianna is obviously active on Instagram – he has around 236 thousand followers. On his Instagram bio, he has clearly mentioned that he is a choreographer, model, and coach.

Moving on to Robert Scianna’s age, Robert Scianna is just 25 years old as he was born on April 15, 1995. Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, he has a total of 5 sisters, and interestingly, he has around 30 cousins.

Robert Scianna Net Worth

Robert Scianna’s net worth has not yet been revealed but from some sites, we have learned that he is worth just above $1 million.

Going through his social media, we can make a prediction that he definitely has a good earning and has been living a lavish life. 

Previously, he was dating Patrick Perez but now, he seems to be in a serious relationship with Gabi Butler. Talking about his family, he is of Italian, Irish, and Cherokee Indian descent. 

Why Was Robert Scianna Arrested?

According to USA Today, Cheers’ cast Robert Scianna aka Robert Joseph Scianna Jr. was arrested for alleged sexual misconduct with a minor.

He was arrested on February 3, 2021, and was also charged with felony counts after he used an electronic communication device to solicit sex.

As of now, Robert has been held at Chesterfield County Jail without bond, as per reports claimed by NBC News. According to Sgt. Winfred Lewis, Scianna was supposed to meet a 14-years-old boy on February 3 but was arrested before their meeting. 

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