Rodney And Ekaterina Baker Age and Net Worth: Millionaire casino CEO

Millionaire casino CEO: Rodney And Ekaterina Baker Age and Net Worth

Millionaire casino CEO: Rodney And Ekaterina Baker Age and Net Worth

Rodney and Ekaterina Baker broke health rules to get covid vaccines. Get to know their age and net worth. 

A Canadian millionaire couple, Rodney and Ekaterina Baker flew to the Yukon community to get covid vaccines which were meant for the indigenous people. They broke the health rules and jumped the queue to get vaccinated. 

Even though the first nations sought at least 6 months of jail time for them, the couple will not face any jail time. They, however, have been fined 2,300 Candian Dollars. They reportedly traveled over 1300 km in their chartered plane to get vaccinated. 

Rodney and Ekaterina Baker Age: How old?

Rodney Baker is currently 55 years of age while Ekaterina is just 32 years of age at the moment. 

Very little is known about their personal life for the time being. Their infamous popularity has been growing ever since the news broke out. 

We will update facts about their birthday and private life as soon as possible. 

Rodney and Ekaterina Baker Net Worth and Earnings

Rodney and Ekaterina Baker have a net worth of multi-million dollars. 

Rodney is best known for his time as the CEO and the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation president. According to Wallmine, the CEO accumulated a total worth of around 10 million CA$ throughout his span. 

He is one of the most successful entrepreneurs and investors in the country. No wonder the couple crossed such lengths to get vaccinated. 

Rodney and Ekaterina Baker Children and Family

Rodney and Ekaterina’s family life remains under review at the moment. 

No details are known about their children or family. However, the couple does have a huge age gap of 23 years among them. 

The couple reportedly violated quarantine rules and flew to a remote community to get vaccinated. They didn’t follow the 12 pr 14 days of self-isolation rule either. 

Vancouver court found them guilty today and they have been charged 2300 CA$ without any jail time. 

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