Romain Grosjean Hands And Accident: What Happened To Him?

How Is Romain Grosjean Doing After Accident? Hands And Update

How Is Romain Grosjean Doing After Accident? Hands And Update

How are Romain Grosjean hands after a dreadful accident? FIA investigated his car struck the triple-guardrail barrier at 192kph with a peal impact of 67G.

Grosjean is a French-Swiss racing driver who is currently competing in the 2021 IndyCar Series.

Less than 6 months after a miraculous escape following a horrific crash in Bahrain, Grosjean is on the pole at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

IndyCar rookie Romain Grosjean topped the speed chart in qualifying for Saturday’s GMR Grand Prix.

Romain Grosjean Hands And Accident: What Happened To Him?

Romain Grosjean burned his hands after spending 27 seconds in the car after impact on accident.

Well, FIA has published its findings after concluding its in-depth investigation into the incident. 

Moreover, he had horrific Bahrain GP accident last November where he suffered after his car was split in two.

Is He Married? Everything On His Wife

Romain Grosjean is happily married to his wife, Marion Jolles.

In fact, the couple married on 27th June 2012 in Chamonix. His wife, Jolles is a prominent French jorunalist and TV presenter.

They have been together since way back in 2008. Nost just married, they have three children together- 2 son named Sacha and Simon and a daughter named Camille.

Grosjean Net Worth Enlightened

Grosjean net worth is over $16 million.

He made his Formula One debut for Renault in 2009. Since then, Grosjean has echoed his name in F1. He is one of the successful Indycar drivers. 

With his passion for cars and racing, he has amassed a good fortune and luxury cars. He also owns a home in Geneva where he lives with his family.

His car collections include a Jaguar XF, a Mercedes-Ben SLS AMG and so on. 

Moreover, he also holds endorsements with various brands including Bell Sports, Seier Capital, Richar Mille and Christian Roth.

Connect With Him On Instagram 

We can connect with Romain Grosjean on Instagram.

The Instagram handle of Indycar driver is under the username @grosjeanromain. He has already hoarde massive followers of 1.5M on his Instagram.

So far now, he has more than 2.9k posts and 597 followings. He already has blue tick on his account.

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