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Romina Sala Was Hospitalized After A Suicide Attempt – What Happened To Emiliano Sala Sister?

Romina Sala Was Hospitalized After A Suicide Attempt – What Happened To Emiliano Sala Sister?

What Is Romina Sala Age? Romina age is 29 years. She is in critical condition at the hospital after attempting to take her own life.

Romina is the sister of late Argentine professional footballer, Emiliano Sala. He made his professional debut in February 2012 with Bordeaux in France. Emiliano passed away in 2019 in a tragic plane crash.

She became the spokesperson of the family after the tragic death of Emiliano Sala. Romina had to be rushed into emergency care on July 6, 2021, in the Argentine city of Santa Fe. She attempted to take her own life, leaving her in a very critical condition. 

What Is Romina Sala Age?

Romina Sala’s age or edad is 29 years.

Sala is the sister or hermana of late footballer Emiliano Sala. Emiliano passed away in January 2019 in a plane crash. He was flying to the Welsh capital from Nantes when the airplane crashed off the coast of Guernsey. Emiliano Sala’s body was found, but the pilot he was flying with, David Ibbotson’s body, was never found.

As per the reports by Air Accidents Investigation Branch, the aircraft incurred an in-flight-break-up when the plane was flown faster than its capacity. The pilot was attempting to avoid bad weather when he lost control. The pilot was affected by carbon monoxide poisoning.

According to the investigations, it was found that David Ibbotson did not have night flying training, and he was not allowed to conduct flights for reward as he held a private pilot’s license, reports The Sun.

Meet Romina Sala On Instagram

Romina Sala is active on Instagram under the username @salaromina.

Sala has 64.6k followers and 649 posts on her Instagram account as of July 2021. She uploads several pictures of her son, Augusto, on her Instagram account. Romina continues to remember and share posts about Emiliano after his death on her Instagram account.

Is Romina Sala On Wikipedia?

Romina Sala is not on Wikipedia.

One can read about Sala’s biographie and origine on a couple of Wiki-bio pages. 

Romina’s father, Horacio Sala, worked as a truck driver, and the familia later moved to Progreso. Her father passed away on April 26, 2019, after suffering a major heart attack. Sala also has another brother, Dario Sala.

Romina is currently being treated at the Jose Maria Cullen Hospital in Santa Fe, Argentina.

The details about her husband or esposo are currently private. 

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