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Rosemary Becchi

Rosemary Becchi

Rosemary Becchi is a 48-year-old female American politician who is running in the upcoming election as a candidate representing the New Jersey’s Congressional 11th District. She advanced from primary to the general election in July.

Rosemary is from Republican Party and that is what she will be representing on the election that’s happening on November, 03, 20202. She also ran for the 7th Congressional District but withdrew from it. She is endorsing for the issues like Drug price, student loan, debt and taxes, and more.

Name Rosemary Becchi
Age 48
Gender Female
Height 5 feet 6 inches
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Politician
Married/Single Married
Education University of San Diego, Georgetown University
Twitter @Becchi4Congress
Facebook @Becchi4Congress

10 Facts On Rosemary Becchi

  1. Rosemary Becchi is a 48-year-old female American politician. She was born in Meadowbrook, Pennsylvania, America. She was born and raised there. 
  2. Rosemary stands 5 feet 6 inches tall, and naturally has blond hair and blue eyes. Other measurements about her are not disclosed on the internet. 
  3. She is from the Republican Party and this is what she will be representing in the upcoming election. Her religion is Christian Catholic.
  4. As for her background, Rosemary hasn’t disclosed her family background probably cause of the fear of backlash but she comes from an educated family. Any information about her husband isn’t available either.
  5. Rosemary, professionally, before working as a Politician worked as an attorney. She worked as a strategic advisor and counsel within law firms. She has also worked as an attorney and advisor with the internal revenue service.
  6. Her net worth is not disclosed on the internet but it is safe to assume that she has collected torture working as both attorney and politician.
  7. As for her education, she went to the University of San Diego for her bachelor’s and earned a J.D. from the Gonzaga School of Law. She later went on to do a master’s of law from the Georgetown University School of Law.
  8. Some of the issues that she wants to solve with her advocacy are  Debt, Taxes, Student Loan Debt, Drug Prices, Healthcare, Defense Security, and Veterans.
  9. She is on Facebook and Twitter where she endorses her campaign with her 2215 and 6036 followers respectively.
  10. More information about her and what she stands for can be found on her wiki website. 

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