Rossana Delgado Georgia Autopsia & Instagram: Case Update

Who Is Rossana Delgado?  Case Update & Autopsia Report

Who Is Rossana Delgado?  Case Update & Autopsia Report

Rossana Delgado of Georgia whose autopsia is still pending. Find more about her Instagram. Let us have a look at her case update.

Delgado was a Bethlehem mother of two and a Lyft driver. She was a Venezuelan woman who worked for the One Taxi Services company in Gwinnett County.

Delgado was tragically murdered. Four days after reported missing, her body was found during a welfare check at a Chery Log home. Police have not confirmed if there was a motive behind her death as the investigation remains ongoing.

Rossana Delgado Georgia Autopsia: Case Update

Rossana Delgado Georgia has a pending autopsia with an unknown cause of death.

She was tragically murdered in Georgia in April 2021. The Georgia native was last seen alive at a mall in Atlanta on April 16 after telling her husband she was picking up a passenger and heading home.

Delgado’s autopsy results are yet to come to light. However, anyone with information about the suspects has been urged to contact GBI directly. 

Meanwhile, five suspects are now in custody after being linked to her murder, which includes Calvin Howard, Megan Colone, Oscar Manual Garcia, Juan Antonio Vega, and Juan Ayala-Rodriguez.

Meet Rossana On Instagram

Rossana Delgado Instagram is still out of sight.

So far now, her husband has not provided any details regarding her Instagram. Also, there is no Instagram account under her username. 

Rossana Delgado Age Uncovered

Rossana Delgado was 37 years of age.

As per the article published on The Sun on 5th July 2021, Delgado claimed that age. Originally from Venezuela, Delgado belongs to Venezuelan nationality. Her ethnicity is Hispanic.

Get To Know Her Family

Rossana Delgado family included her husband, Yhony Castro, and two children.

The Venezuelan-born taxi driver was reported missing by her husband eight hours after he spoke to her over the phone on 16th April. She never returned to her home in Barrow County after that night of the disappearance.

Any detailed information about her husband and children remains undisclosed.

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