Rupiah Banda Death Age – Is He Dead Or Alive?

Is It True That Rupiah Banda Is Dead? Death News And More

Is It True That Rupiah Banda Is Dead? Death News And More

Rupiah Banda death rumors at 84 years old age have taken the internet. What is the actual truth? Find Out!

It is quite common for people to meddle with death news these days. Famous people are often the victim of false gossips. The same thing happened to Zambian politician Rupiah. 

Rupiah Banda Death – Is He Dead Or Alive?

Recently, Rupiah Banda death news flooded social media.

Rumors claimed that the former Zambian president Rupiah was dead due to some reasons. However, it turns out the gossips are completely false!

Banda is alive and not dead!

Broadcaster and media consultant Andre Makulu was the first person to falsify the death claims. He posted a video of Banda just taken earlier and put the politician’s news meddler to shame.

Earlier this week, Rupiah had talked about the demise of KK. This might have confused people with his passing away instead.

Besides, Banda is battling colon cancer. He opened about his illness just last year. 

Rupiah Banda Age 

Rupiah Banda is 84 years old in age.

He was born on 19 February 1937 in Gwanda, Zimbabwe (then Southern Rhodesia). Likewise, he attended the prestigious Rusangu University.

He grew up with his family from Northern Rhodesia. His parents have migrated to the Southern side in search of a job. Furthermore, a Dutch church sponsored his education. 

Banda also has a Wikipedia biography.

In 2008, he was elected as the fourth president of Zambia. Likewise, he represented the Movement for Multiparty Democracy party.

With his status so high, we speculate he generates a handsome net worth. Besides, the Zambian president reportedly earns a salary of 63,100 USD annually. 

Meet His Wife and Children 

Rupiah Banda is married to wife Thandiwe Banda.

Thandiwe is a political science teacher by profession. Likewise, the couple has a nearly 30 years of the age gap. Moreover, they are parents to a pair of twins.

Previously, the politician was tied to Hope Mwansa Makulu. They even have 3 children together. Sadly, Hope passed away in 2000.

Banda also has 2 more sons from his other relationships. 

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