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Ruth Chiang

Ruth Chiang

Ruth Chiang is an actress and a stunt girl who has been acting in movies for quite some time now. She has worked in some of the most exciting movies of our time. She has done work in “X-Men: Dark Pheonix” and another blockbuster movie “Arrival”. Chiang has shown a lot of professionalism in her career and obviously, that has paid off well.

The reason most people are unaware of Chaing’s work is that her work is supposed to be invisible. I agree that stunt workers deserve better than the way they have been treated in the movie industry until now. She has done awesome stunts in her career and will continue to do so. Let’s get to know her work and life even more deeply now…

Name Ruth Chiang
Gender Female
Height 5 feet 6 inches
Profession Actress
Instagram stuntgirl_ruth

10 Facts On Ruth Chiang

  1. Ruth Chiang is certainly in her thirties and that’s all I will say. She has never revealed her age to the public until now.
  2. If you want to know her birthday, I have to make you sad about the fact that she hasn’t yet disclosed it to anyone.
  3. Ruth is not on Wikipedia which is probably why details about her are harder to obtain. She works behind the scenes as well.
  4. According to IMDB, she stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches.
  5. Ruth has a beautiful smile and has a very welcoming personality. It’s sort of contrasting- her work and personality that could appear polar opposite at times.
  6. We don’t really know if she has a husband or not. She has a video on her Instagram where she is wearing a bridal dress but it’s actually for her work.
  7. Details about her possible current boyfriend and past boyfriends are not available on the internet.
  8. Ruth has never been forthcoming about her net worth to the public.
  9. Chiang uses social media and occasionally uploads her own picture and updates about her career.
  10. She has 498 followers on her Instagram account.

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