Ruthless Realtor Cast: Lily Anne Harrison Age : Peter Facinelli Girlfriend

Ruthless Realtor Cast: Lily Anne Harrison Age : Peter Facinelli Girlfriend

Ruthless Realtor Cast: Lily Anne Harrison Age : Peter Facinelli Girlfriend

Ruthless Realtor, the story of a couple’s move into their dream house takes a dark and weird turn when their realtor becomes obsessed with them. 

The thriller will take audiences on a ride in one of the simplest, yet most exciting TV films in a long time. Who isn’t afraid of their realtor being a psychopath? that’s right everyone is, and the film uses this fear very effectively.

It takes their home that is supposed to be a safe place and makes it a horrible place to live in. What happens when your realtor tries to invade all your boundaries, the film tells this story perfectly. 

Lifetime Ruthless Realtor Cast: 

Lily Anne Harrison, Brian Ames, and Christie Burson light up the roles in the film with their stellar acting. While these names may not light up Hollywood, they are good actors who have presented a gripping performance in the film, read more about them below. 

Lily Anne Harrison Age: Peter Facinelli Girlfriend

The actress, Lily Anne Harrison has experience in acting, screenwriting, and improv. She is 31 years old and was born on February 6, 1989. 

She has 2 siblings and is the daughter of Gregory Harrison and Randi Oakes. She debuted as an actress in 2010 and has since made herself a fixture on the small screen. Before getting the role on Ruthless Realtor she has had roles on ‘Fair Haven’, ‘The Year of Spectacular Men’, ‘Two Guys One Truck’, ‘Breaking & Exiting’ and ‘Wait for It’.

Her role in the film is that of Annie. She is the lovable girl who is trying to settle into her new home but is suspicious of her realtor and her husband. The 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm) tall actress has also modeled in the past. 

Christie Burson Age

Burson was born on June 24, 1982, in the USA, she is 38 years old as of August 2020. She is playing the role of Meg, the crazy and obsessive realtor who tries to interfere with the life of Annie and  Ralph. 

Her character in the film progressively becomes more and more creepy as the film goes on. She starts becoming obsessed with the pair and becomes a daily visitor in their  

His best-known work was on True Blood in 2008 but she also has other popular on credits like Destroy the Alpha Gammas and Fatal Getaway.

Christie has a Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre and Communications that she earned from Clemson University. In addition to being an actress, she is also an executive producer and has worked as such on many of her films. 

Burson has worked in over 30 credits among which Destroy the Alpha Gammas was especially popular. 

While she is yet to make a blo0ckbuster movie she has been in many TV movies. 

Brian Ames Age

He is the lead actor in the film and has been appearing on commercials since he was a child. The star wanted to become an actor ever since he knew what it meant. 

Ames was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The actor put his acting aspirations aside and went to Emory University to pursue a degree and become a doctor. Brian went to their world-famous medical school.

While in his first semester, he had a chance to audition for the Shakespeare Company. He was instantly recognized as a performer and starred in eight major productions during the 4 years he was in the college.

Brian has over 40 credits as an actor and some of them, like Westworld, Awkward, Grey’s Anatomy, etc have made him incredibly popular. 

Perhaps his best-known work was as Jim on Squatters and Ben in My Date. The 6-foot tall actor made his debut in 2003 in the TV series Charmed. 

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