Rxseboy Age, Wikipedia, Real Name, Instagram, and Net Worth

Rxseboy Real Name Revealed: Who Is Rapper Rxseboy?

Rxseboy Real Name Revealed: Who Is Rapper Rxseboy?

Rxseboy is a musical artist whose name you might have heard or maybe have not. However, his is a name you could be hearing after a few years as an innovative singer and a mesmerizing performer.

Let’s get to know more about this wonderful singer without dumping him with more vehement praises.

Quick Facts: Rxseboy Real Name Revealed: Who Is Rapper Rxseboy?

Name Rxseboy
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Musical Artist
Married/Single Single
Instagram rxseboy
Twitter Rxseboy
Youtube Rxseboy

10 Facts On Rxseboy 

  1. Rxseboy is an American artist who has chosen Youtube and Soundcloud as a medium to spread his songs to the audience.
  2. Rxseboy’s real name remains unknown until now. He definitely has another name that his parents gave to him. On a side note, how cool would it be if his parents actually named him Rxseboy? The possibilities of that are slim though.
  3. The details about his life are harder to obtain. Rxseboy not having a Wikipedia could be deemed as a reason for this hardship.
  4. Details about Rxseboy’s net worth remains unknown. However, he has a generous fan base of 9k people on SoundCloud and has already set his own merchandise. This gives us reason to believe he’s doing well financially.
  5. He has not signed up with any record label yet, and that’s why we don’t know his salary. 
  6. Rxseboy understands the value of the internet, and he has extended his online presence to many kinds of music streaming sites such as Spotify, Apple Music, and such.
  7. Rxseboy has a Youtube channel and has 21.4k subscribers in his channel. He has so far had 1.69 million views altogether on Youtube.
  8. It appears that Rxseboy doesn’t have any girlfriend at the moment. He looks quite content making music and pursuing his creative impulses.
  9. Although he has a magnificent physical appearance, we could not determine what his height is. He has a handsome face, though.
  10. Rxseboy is an active Instagrammer under the username “@rxseboy” and has 19.9k followers.

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