Ryan Kaji Father Net Worth And Instagram

Shion Kaji Age: 10 Facts On Ryan Kaji’s Father

Shion Kaji Age: 10 Facts On Ryan Kaji’s Father

Shion Kaji is renowned as the father of the internet and YouTube sensation RyanToysReview. He often is seen in his son’s show named Ryan’s World and Ryan’s Family Review.

Shion with his wife Loann Kaji started the channel for Ryan to keep in touch with extended family. Later, the channel turned from toy reviews to global kids play and entertainment brand. In addition to that, Shion also runs a company named Sunlight Entertainment

Name Shion Kaji
Birthday 13 September
Age 33
Gender Male
Nationality Japanese
Married/Single Married
Wife Loann Kaji
Children Three: Ryan, Emma and Kate
Education Cornell University

10 Facts On Shion Kaji

  1. How old is Shion Kaji? He was born on 13 September 1987. As of 2020, he is only 33 years old.
  2. His hometown lies in Tokyo, Japan. So, his nationality is Japanese, and his ethnicity is Asian.
  3. About his education, Famous Birthday confirmed, he enrolled at Texas Tech University for his higher education. After graduation, he went to Cornell University for a master’s degree. 
  4. Shion is currently married to his wife, Loann Kaji. The actual date of their wedding is a mystery.
  5. Ryan is not only their child in the family. Along with his spouse, he is a parent to twin kids, a sister named Emma and Kate.
  6. Professionally, Shion is the owner of Sunlight Entertainment, a company that creates kids and family-friendly content.
  7. His company currently employs 30 employees that include videographers, editors, writers, animators, and voice actors. Also, they release over 25 videos a week.
  8. Holding the big company, Shion indeed relishes fruitful income from his job and career. However, the actual figure of Kaji’s net worth is not discovered yet.
  9. Shion seems to be not available on Instagram. However, his lifestyle can be seen in an Instagram account named Ryan’s World. To date, in this Instagram account, they have earned over 128 thousand followers.
  10. Though he is from Tokyo, Shion currently resides in Texas, the US, with his family: his wife and three children.

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