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Sage Wilson Age: Meet The Tiktok Star On Instagram

Sage Wilson Age: Meet The Tiktok Star On Instagram

Sage Wilson is in the limelight, and all thanks to her TikTok videos. Here’s what you must know about her.

The TikTok star Sage Wilson is on social media to entertain people and make them laugh. Apart from her social media life, we do not have any idea about her professional life.

Meet Sage Wilson From Tiktok

Wilson TikTok account has accumulated approximately 781.2 thousand followers.


it’s been months now find a new joke to over use and not a random blck man😐

♬ original sound – abe yoon

If you wish to get along with her TikTok account, here is the username you should search for – @sagewilsontiktok. Moreover, her TikTok videos have already amassed 45.4 million followers. 

Almost all of her TikTok content is humorous. By her videos, it’s easy to say that she is an outgoing person and is focused on making people happy.

Sage Wilson Age: How Old She?

Sage Wilson’s current age is yet to be revealed.

Moving on, we believe that she is definitely between 20 to 29 years old

Hopefully, she will reveal her birthday soon, which will help us calculate her age. It’s really a great achievement that she has managed to amass so many followers at such a young age.

Is She On Instagram?

Sage Wilson is definitely on Instagram.

Here is Sage’s username you have been seeking – @sagewilsonspam. We can clearly see that she has over 4.7 thousand followers there.

Everything To Know About Ryland Adams Cousin

From Sebastian Soto‘s YouTube video, we have come to know that Sage Wilson is actually Ryland Adams‘ cousin.

According to that video, Sage confirmed the rumors that Shane Dawson had sex with his own cat when he was a kid. Just like Sage, even her cousin is a social media personality. The difference is that Ryland is much more popular than her.

Her Gender Revealed

Sage Wilson gender is feminine.

However, her cousin, Ryland Adams, is gay. He has been dating Shane Dawson, a popular actor, writer, musician, and YouTuber.

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