Sacha Jafri Wikipedia Wife And Net Worth Salary: Journey of Humanity

Sacha Jafri Net Worth Revealed: Meet The Journey of Humanity Painter

Sacha Jafri Net Worth Revealed: Meet The Journey of Humanity Painter

Sacha Jafri might have just become a millionaire with a huge net worth. Thanks to the world’s largest canvas Journey of Humanity. 

If you are an art enthusiast, you may probably recognize Sacha as the ‘The Pioneer of Magical Realism’. He is the winner of the 2000 British Painters Prize. Recently, his painting was sold for millions of dollars!

Sacha Jafri Wikipedia: Journey of Humanity Painter

Sacha Jafri is the painter of  The Journey Humanity. In the 2020 fall, The Guinness World Record recognized Sacha Jafri’s artwork as the largest painting in the world. In fact, the painting is 17,000 square feet in size, which is nearly equal to four basketball courts. 

Sacha Jafri’s Wikipedia bio is not avaibale.

But, you can find Sacha on Instagram as @sachajafri. He is already a verified account with over 567K followers. Similarly, Jafri also regularly posts on Youtube mainly related to his painting journey.

Sacha Jafri Net Worth and Salary Explored 

Sacha Jafri’s net worth just hit the million mark. His “The Journey Humanity” painting was sold at $62 million USD.

However, all of Sacha Jafri’s earnings were donated to UNESCO, UNICEF, and other children-related organizations. Furthermore, the artwork was bought by businessman, Andre Abdoune. 

Besides, Sacha Jafri also has a business of his own. He has sold paintings to renowned figures like Barack Obama and George Clooney. Moreover, he resides in a 12 bedroom house with his fortune.

Meet His Wife: Is He Married?

Sacha Jafri’s wife is Lisa Jafri.

Sacha and Lisa have a daughter named Indi. The couple also owns a cocker spaniel dog named Rockey. In the like manner, the family currently resides in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai. Moreover, they also have a house in Britain. 

Born in 1977, Sacha Jafri is the age of 44 years old. He originally hails from the UK. The painter learned his craft from Eton College in England. Furthermore, Jafri shares a mix of French and Indian ethnicity from his parents’ side. 

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