Sam Reitano Fiance, Farmer Wants A Wife

Katelen Cunningham: Sam Reitano Fiance, Farmer Wants A Wife

Katelen Cunningham: Sam Reitano Fiance, Farmer Wants A Wife

Katelen Cunningham is the fiance of Sam Reitano. He was one of the members of the Australian TV show ‘Farmer wants a wife’. ‘Farmer wants a wife’ is a reality show about 6 farmers in search of their potential love. 

Sam Retino recently announced on Facebook that he is engaged to his ex named Katelen. The news comes as a shock to everyone as he had revealed on the finale of the show that he had fallen in love with a follower on his Instagram. Now, just after weeks of that announcement, he is engaged to another girl Katelen. To find out more about Katelen, take a look at the details below.

Name Katelen Cunningham
Age 20-30
Gender Female
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Nationality Australian
Ethnicity White
Profession Dental Nurse
Facebook Katelen Cunningham

10 Facts on Katelen Cunningham

  1. Katelen Cunningham is a dental nurse and remedial therapist. She was an ex-girlfriend of Sam Reitano.
  2. She looks like she is in her twenties but the accurate information about her age and birthday is not available.
  3. Sam Reitano had announced on the episode of 24th August of ‘Farmer wants a Wife’ that he was in love with one of his social media followers named Kirsten. He had said that Kirsten had even met his family.
  4. According to Katelen’s Instagram bio, her zodiac sign is Pisces. 
  5. Katelen has a private Instagram account. She has kept Sam Reitano’s initial beside a ring emoji on her Instagram bio.
  6. Sam Reitano is a cane and fruit farmer in Queensland, Australia. He was one of the most popular members of ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’.
  7. According to a source, Sam had been dating Katelen before he joined the show and they reunited after March.
  8. The picture Sam had posted announcing the engagement with Katelen has been deleted as of now.
  9. There is no information about her family and parents.
  10. Despite all the spoilers, we hope that Katelen and Sam will have a wonderful wedding.

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