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Actor Sammy Perez Hospitalized: What Happened To Him?

Actor Sammy Perez Hospitalized: What Happened To Him?

Sammy Perez calls his novia as futura esposa. We will introduce you to Zuleika whom he calls his future wife. Find more about his health condition.

Perez is a Mexican actor and comedian. He shot to fame after working with Eugenio Derbez and Miguel Luis in the Section Impossible segment of the comedy XHZRBZ. He is also known for his role in No Returns

Erick de Paz, manager, and owner of Evolution Pord reported that the comedian Perez was intubated for health complications after he was admitted to the hospital because of the global pandemic Covid-19.

Sammy Perez Esposa Or Novia Explored

Sammy Perez futura esposa or novia is Zuleika Garza.

During a broadcast of the program Es Show on Channel 6 Multimedios, Perez introduced his girlfriend and fiancee, Zuleika for the first time in March 2021. 

Perez has also posted a picture with Zuleika on his Instagram post on July 11. He has captioned the picture as – “Con mi futura esposa”, which is read as “with my future wife” in English.

The Mexican comedian assured that it was love at first sight when the couple met in the vicinity of a stadium in Guadalajara. The very next day they felt for each other and began their evergreen relationship.

His girlfriend Zuleika has also praised him. She said: “He is very romantic, very attentive, very affectionate. I could say many things about him. What made me fall in love with him, that he makes me smile all the time, is very attentive.” 

Is Perez Seen On Wikipedia?

Sammy Perez Wikipedia is already available.

Well, some of his information is yet to get filled on his Wikipedia page. However, from his Wikipedia, we can gather about his biography, TV, and Movie theater.

Sammy Perez was born Sammy Perez Reyes on 3rd October 1965, which makes him 55 years of age as of now.

In addition to that, Perez is also active on Instagram. The Instagram handle of Sammy Perez is under the username @sammyperez_xhderbez. He has more than 42.2K followers on his account.

Everything En Hijos

Sammy Perez hijos are still out of sight.

So far now, the couple, Perez and Zuleika have not revealed anything about their children. So, we’re yet to make sure of his sons or daughters. 

Sammy Perez Muerte: Is He Dead Or Alive?

Sammy Perez muerte has not been announced thus far.

In fact, he is still alive but his medical situation has worsened than before.

After the comedian was hospitalized in an emergency with serious symptoms of Covid-19, his representative said he is in terrible condition. He was admitted to the hospital on Friday as per his Instagram post.

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