Samuel Cassidy Wife Girlfriend, Wikipedia, Picture And Ethnicity: San Jose Shooting

San Jose Shooting Suspect Samuel Cassidy: Everything On His Family Background

San Jose Shooting Suspect Samuel Cassidy: Everything On His Family Background

Does Samuel Cassidy Have a Wife? If not he might probably be dating a girlfriend. Find out who he is dating and more of his romantic excursion below.

Samuel is the suspect in the San Jose Shooting on Wednesday that killed eight people in action.

He was a California light-rail facility worker working at his workplace, but on May 26, he carried out a deadly attack at San Jose’s VTA Light Rail Facility.

Samuel Cassidy Wife

No details are stating Samuel Cassidy is currently living with his wife – he is not married.

But he was married previously to a woman named Cecelia Nelms for ten years.

Cecelia mentioned that Samuel had two sides of mood. When he was in a good mood, he was a great guy, and when he was mad, he was mad.

Samuel Cassidy Girlfriend

Samuel Cassidy does not have a girlfriend as of now.

Previously, the suspect was in a relationship with a woman, who has recently come up with the allegations against him. She mentioned that she was scared of him because of his abusive behavior.

As per the court filings, Cassidy sexually assaulted his ex-girlfriend when she turned down his advances. She stated;

“I was scared. He made a lot of trouble for me. I’ve moved forward.”

The suspect’s ex-girlfriend filed a case alleging domestic violence against him in 2009. She mentioned that he had mood swings caused by bipolar disorder since he was addicted to alcohol. She alleged;

“Several times during the relationship, he became intoxicated, enraged, and forced himself on me sexually.”

Samuel and his girlfriend broke twelve years ago. And since then, the former lovebirds are not in contact.

Samuel Cassidy Wikipedia And Ethnicity

Samuel Cassidy is not featured on Wikipedia.

Currently, he has been a top-notch story after he opened fire in San Jose, killing eight people at his workplace.

Samuel belongs to the white ethnicity.

Similarly, he holds an American nationality.

Samuel Cassidy’s Picture Revealed

Hours after the shooting case in San Jose, authorities have brought Samuel’s pictures to the light.

Samuel Cassidy, the suspect of the shooting, is now all over the news headlines, with his mugshot hanging around the publications.

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