Sandi Toksvig Wife Age, Family and Children

Debbie Toksvig: Sandi Toksvig Wife Age, Family and Children

Debbie Toksvig: Sandi Toksvig Wife Age, Family and Children

Debbie Toksvig is the wife of Sandi Toksvig. By profession, Debbie is a psychotherapist. She previously worked as a photographer but later decided to help people facing various psychological disorders like anxiety, depression, etc, and trained to become a psychotherapist.

Debbie Toksvig is mostly known for her association with Sandi Toksvig who is a British-Danish writer, actor, comedian, broadcaster, and producer. Debbie and Sandi joined in a civil partnership in 2007 and got officially married in 2014, the couple took their vow on the same day that same-sex marriage was introduced in England.

Name Debbie Toksvig
Age 60’s
Gender Lesbian
Height 5 feet 5 inches
Nationality British
Profession Physchotherapist
Married/Single Married
Wife Sandi Toksvig
Children 3

10 Facts On Debbie Toksvig 

  1. Debbie Toksvig appears to be in her 60’s. Information regarding her exact date of birth has not been shared.
  2. Debbie has a height of approximately 5 feet 5 inches which is 1.65 meters. 
  3. Her wife Sandi is also a political activist and co-founder of the women equality party. 
  4. Her wife Sandi was previously in a relationship with Peta Stewart, the two separated in 1979.
  5. Debbie’s wife Sandi came out as a lesbian after giving birth to 3 children as she did not want her children to be ashamed of her parents. The reaction from people ware harsh and she even received death threats.  
  6. The couple has 3 children however the children’s ware carried by her previous with her partner Peta Steward through artificial insemination.
  7. The name of their daughters is  Megan and  Jesse, and the youngest son is Theo.
  8. Debbie has kept herself away from any controversy but the same cannot be said about her wife Sandi who has been in controversy a few times in the past.
  9. The couple currently lives in a boathouse in Wanderworsh.
  10. Debbie does not have any form of online presence, her social media accounts could not be found.

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