Sasha Johnson Age Wikipedia And Instagram: Who Shot Sasha Johnson?

Who Shot Activist Sasha Johnson? Health Condition And Update

Who Shot Activist Sasha Johnson? Health Condition And Update

Sasha Johnson was brutally shot at the age of 27. She is a Black Lives Matter activist. See the updates below. 

On May 23, 2021, an unfortunate incident took place in the London Metropolitan area. During a party, someone shot activist Sasha Johnson into an extremely critical state. 

Sasha Johnson Age: Who Shot Sasha Johnson?

Sasha Johnson is the age of 27 years old.

Sasha is a prominent BLM activist in the UK. Last year, she rose to fame as one of the speakers in the BLM movements of England. However, she was recently shot during a 3 am party in London.

The shooting occurred near a house in Southwark. Similarly, she was fatally shot in the head, which has left Sasha Johnson hospitalized in ICU. Furthermore, Sasha Johnson is in extremely critical health condition right now. 

However, it is not clear who shot Sasha Johnson.

The London Metropolitan Police state that currently, there is no evidence behind the intention of shooting. Similarly, the early investigation reports indicate that the shooting might have been random. 

Everything on Sasha Johnson Wikipedia Biography

Sasha Johnson Wikipedia bio is not available for now.

Johnson is currently serving at the Taking the Initiative Party, which is focused on Black activism in the UK. Similarly, she is a member of the executive leadership committee. 

According to the party, Sasha was constantly receiving death threats for her BLM activism. However, it is not disclosed who was sending her those threats. 

Johnson is a mother of two children in the family. However, limited in formation is available about her husband and children’s father. Moreover, Sasha Johnson’s parents are devasted by her brutal shooting right now.

Follow Her On Instagram

You can find Sasha Johnson on Instagram as @thesashajohnson.

On her IG bio, Johnson mentions herself as “I am an activist and freedom fighter.” This is also visible from her profile, which is mostly dedicated to Black awareness. Furthermore, she has amassed over 1.8k followers on the social site.

The  Specialist Crime Command unit is currently investigating Johnson’s shooting. On the other hand, various activists and celebrity have come forward for her support. 

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