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Who is James Hamilton QC Scotland? Nicola Sturgeon Case Lawyer

Who is James Hamilton QC Scotland? Nicola Sturgeon Case Lawyer

Who is James Hamilton QC of Scotland? Learn about James Hamilton QC Wikipedia with the help of this article.

James Hamilton is a barrister and administrator. He has been chosen as the lawyer in Nicola Sturgeon’s misconduct case.

Previously, Hamilton has served as the Director of Public Prosecutions at the Republic of Ireland’s Office. 

James Hamilton QC Wikipedia

James Hamilton has been featured on the Wikipedia page. In fact, James Hamilton has a quite impressive CV.

According to his Wikipedia bio, he was an independent advisor for the Scottish and the Welsh governments.

His nationality is Irish.

He has served in various government roles. In the year 1995, he was appointed as legal adviser to the Attorney General of Ireland. 

Hamilton is an expert in civil and criminal litigation, congressional and other investigations, trade association representation, appellate litigation, and advising clients on government and professional ethics.

Furthermore, he is a student of History and Political at Trinity College in Dublin.

James Hamilton Wife and Family Details

James Hamilton is married to his wife, Noreen Hamilton.

James and Noreen met at Trinity College. The couple has three children together. However, there is no detailed information available about them.

For now, we can assume he is a devoted family man who also enjoys mundane tasks around his house.

Nicola Sturgeon’s misconduct case

Nicola Sturgeon is serving as the First Minister of Scotland and Leader of the Scottish National Party.

She has been blamed for breaking the Scottish Ministerial Code over her handling of the Alex Salmond harassment case.

Nicola Sturgeon was blamed for misleading the inquiry and meeting Alex Salmond.

Following the investigation, Nicola referred to James Hamilton in January 2019. He has been investigating whether there has been a breach, and his conclusions are to be handed to the Scottish Government.

Hamilton has cleared her of all the allegations and mentioned she did not breach the code. 

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