Scott Foster Referee Salary Net Worth

How Much Does Scott Foster Referee Make? Salary And Net Worth

How Much Does Scott Foster Referee Make? Salary And Net Worth

Scott Foster salary and net worth will soar as the NBA final referee. Get to know his wife and Wikipedia.

The Milwaukee Bucks is scheduled to face the Phenix Suns in the upcoming NBA finals. Likewise, the game will be officiated by referee Scott Foster.

In addition, Scott will be supported by another referee Eric Lewis, and also Tony Brothers as umpire.

Scott Foster Salary: His Net Worth As NBA Referee

Scott Foster earns a salary of $7000 USD per match as an NBA refree.

Besides, the amount increases as the games level up. For instance, he can bag up to $9000 USD for play-off matches. Furthermore, finals are worth $29,000 USD per day.

Foster is among the highest-paid referees in the NBA. His recent selection as NBA final referee has further proved his worth.

Scott Foster’s net worth increases by at least 550K USD each year.

This is reportedly his base earnings as an NBA referee. Furthermore, considering his decades of experience, his fortune can be even higher.

Who Is Scott Foster Wife?

Scott Foster has not disclosed his wife yet.

Scott Foster currently lives in Woodbine, Maryland with his family. However, he is originally from Silver Spring in the same state.

He attended the University of Maryland and graduated from the college in 1993. Shortly after, he officiated in the Europe Tour of Germany and Spain.

In 2010, Foster gained a major breakthrough as the NBA All-Star Game referee. Now, he has looked after over 1400 games in more than 25 seasons of the NBA.

Despite his fame, the referee is very private about his personal life. This might be why we hear so little about his children or any relatives.

The 54 years old defines himself by his relationship with sports.

Discover Scott Foster On Wikipedia

Scott Foster doesn’t have a Wikipedia bio yet. His age is somewhere in the 50s.

But, Scott Foster was trending on Twitter as he was announced the NBA final referee. Actually, there is also a different reason behind this.

Apparently, the referee is in a cold war with the Sun’s player, Chris Paul. In fact, Paul has a coincidental record of 0 points in the last 12 games officiated by Foster.

Back in 2020, Paul even publically criticized Scott for giving him a technical foul for trying to tie his shoe. The two have alleged bad blood since then.

We are yet to see how Chris will perform this time. His team will crash with Milwaukee Bucks in the game 6 finals.

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