Secrets in the Woods Cast, Where Was It Filmed? Is It a True Story?

Lifetime: Secrets in the Woods Cast, Where Was It Filmed? Is It a True Story?

Lifetime: Secrets in the Woods Cast, Where Was It Filmed? Is It a True Story?

Lifetime’s programs and the array of TV shows the network has to offer are usually more light-hearted than the thriller ‘Secrets in the Woods‘. The film, while a step out from the usually scheduled programming, 

Like most horror stories the normal and at times warm-hearted escapade of a couple into the woods turns into a nightmare that will give you shivers. A twist in the classic ‘in the woods’ tale, this will put viewers out of their comfort zone very quickly. There are a lot of thriller elements on the show and a cast that puts it all in perspective. 

Secrets in the Woods Cast

The film has experienced cast members, especially in the TV movie area. Here is a list of the main ensemble and the three actors who have the most prominent characters in the movie. 

  1. Brittany Underwood
  2. Taylor Frey
  3. Jim Klock

Jim Klock

Klock is an actor who has worked in some of the most beloved films of recent times. He had an appearance in the Academy Award for best-picture winner ‘Green Book’, apart from this, his other credits include “True Detective“, with Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson

His stellar acting credits can be stacked up just as high as his 6 feet 4-inch frame. Apart from acting, he is also a veteran police officer and current part-time Deputy Sheriff with the Stafford County. 

In the film, he plays the antagonist and Brant’s father. He is the “creep” in the film so torn by his dead wife, who, as per the implications is killed by him. He wants the women his son woos and brings them to the cabin in the woods.

Taylor Frey

IT Chapter Two made Taylor Frey immensely popular as Don Hagarty. He is the linchpin that sets the thriller in motion in Secret In The Woods. He was raised by his father and is his accomplice. 

His character on the film, Brant is a scummy date, to say the least, and is as creepy as his father in the thriller. Frey’s other works are ‘Summertime’,  ‘GBF’, ‘South Pacific’, etc. 

Brittany Underwood

The starring role in the Lifetime film is played by Brittany Underwood. She might not be as experienced as others on films but she has had TV epic TV roles on some of the biggest and long-running shows in the world. 

She is also a singer in addition to being an actress. She brings ut the fear in her character’s eyes and it feels real while at times it does falter and feel forced. 

Where Was It Filmed?

The film had to be shot in a remote location in western California in the USA due to its plot and subject matter it required its filming to be in the woods. 

According to the Cinemaholic, he urban parts of the shooting was done in Los Angeles. 

Is It A True Story?

There has been no official statement if the movie is based on a true event or not. 


Sandra played by Britanny Underwood, is the main character and goes off with her boyfriend brant to enjoy a short vacation in the woods. She adores her partner and cares for him too but what she does not know is that her bae is a creep and his father is a deranged psychopath. In addition to this, their little trip is also a ploy to kidnap her and take him to his father. 

Brant’s father holds her hostage pretty soon after knocking her out. Sandra tries to investigate a strange man around their cabin and runs after him but is knocked out by him, then it is revealed that it was Brant’s father. The only slither o hope that Sandra is her sister who is worried about her after she remains out of contact for a while. 

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