Self-Made Mansions Joshua Esnard Wife And Net Worth, Wikipedia Bio

Self-Made Mansions Joshua Esnard Wife And Net Worth: Facts To Know

Self-Made Mansions Joshua Esnard Wife And Net Worth: Facts To Know

Joshua Esnard is an entrepreneur, consultant, and motivational speaker. He is the inventor of The Cut Buddy. Esnard came up with the idea when he was 13 years old. The dream became a reality in 2016 when his idea blew up in the market.

The product has been the best seller on Amazon US and Canada. The Cut Buddy became even popular during the times of crisis of COVID-19. Joshua Esnard is all set to appear in the show, Self-Made Mansions to find his dream home.

Quick Facts: Self-Made Mansions Joshua Esnard Wife And Net Worth: Facts To Know

Name Joshua Esnard
Birthday 1988
Age 32
Gender Male
Profession Entrepreneur
Instagram @offgridbrotha


10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Joshua Esnard 

  1. How old is Joshua Esnard? Joshua Esnard was born in the year 1988. His current age is 32 years.
  2. He was born on a small Caribbean island in St. Lucia. Joshua moved to the USA when he was young. Esnard was raised in New York.
  3. What does he do? Joshua is the inventor of The Cut Buddy, a grooming tool that helps people cut their own hair at the comfort of their homes. 
  4. Joshua Esnard made over $1 million through his business in 2 years. So far, he has made $5 million. The net worth and salary details of The Cut Buddy’s inventor has not been revealed yet.
  5. Joshua Esnard has not disclosed his relationship status yet. We do not know Esnard’s wife or girlfriend’s name.
  6. Joshua Esnard will appear in the fourth episode of the show Self-Made Mansions. The episode is set to release on January 16, 2021, on HGTV. In the show, Clinton Kelly is going to help Esnard search for his dream home.
  7. Esnard lives a private life and has not revealed any details about his family and upbringing.
  8. His interviews about his product and how he started has been featured in several magazines such as Black Enterprise, Forbes, ABC News, and GQ. 
  9. Joshua Esnard does not have a Wikipedia page dedicated to him. Joshua’s bio can be read on his website.
  10. After his appearance in the show Shark Tank, he landed a deal with Daymond John. 

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