Serena Shine: Wild Twins From Naked and Afraid: Wiki, Age, Bio

Serena Shine: Wild Twins From Naked and Afraid: Wiki, Age, Bio

Serena Shine: Wild Twins From Naked and Afraid: Wiki, Age, Bio

The name “Serena Shine” may not be familiar to you but you do know her as one of the “The Wild Twins.” She, along with her sister, Amber has been featured in the Discovery’s Naked And Afraid. And the twins have absolutely blown away the minds of everyone who watched the episode. 

The Wild Twins are the most recent social media sensation and have been racking up followers and attention from all around the world. The fearless twins from New Zealand have won the hearts of many after surviving in the extreme wilderness of Africa in the episode of “Naked And Afraid.” Despite her fragile physical history, Serena worked a lot and made her dream come true. Here is everything you need to know about this fighter. 

Name Serena Shine
Age 27 Years old
Gender Female
Height 5 Feet 9 Inches
Nationality New Zealand
Profession Survivalist
Siblings Amber Shine
Married/Single Single
Instagram @the_wild_twins

10 Facts on Serena Shine

  1. Serena Shine is an explorer and Survivalist who roams and survives in the remote and extreme wilderness. 
  2. Moreover, she is among “The Wild Twins”, who got a lot of fame after appearing in an episode of Discovery’s Naked and Afraid. 
  3. As of now, Serena doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography. Not to mention she clearly deserves one. 
  4. Moreover, she is just 27 years old at the moment. She has already been through a lot in her life. 
  5. Furthermore, her bio can be found written on several web portal sites. 
  6. Moving on, she has a twin sister, Amber. She is also a survivalist and both of them explore in the wilderness together. 
  7. Likewise, they are quite popular on social media as well. Their Instagram account has more than 16k followers to date. 
  8. As for their relationship status, both of them seem single and unmarried. 
  9. Talking about their net worth, the exact figures are yet to be determined. The main source of their income is through traveling. 
  10. As for Serena, she was hospitalized five years ago and doctors suggested she wouldn’t able to walk again. But she proved everyone wrong and has climbed mountains after her surgery. 

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