Seth Andrew Charter School Wife And Net Worth: Was He Arrested?

Why was Seth Andrew Arrested? Everything To Know

Why was Seth Andrew Arrested? Everything To Know

Former White House advisor Seth Andrew has been arrested for allegedly stolen funds from the charter school he founded himself. Get to know about his wife and children.

Seth Andrew is an American serial entrepreneur known for founding the Democratic Prep Public Schools. 

He is also known for being the CEO of Democracy Builders, a social sector studio, and a senior advisor at the White House during the reign of Obama. 

Recently, he had been arrested for embezzling funds from the foundation he himself established. People are appaled and disgusted by this kind of behaviour from someone who is known as a public figure.

Seth Andrew: Charter School

Seth Andrew has formed a network of charter schools based in Harlem, the Democratic Prep Public Schools in 2005.

He had served there as a teacher, principal, and superintendent before he left for a job at the US Department of Education in 2013, where he later served as a senior advisor till 2016.

Now, the said man has been arrested for allegedly stealing over $200,000 dollars from the various charter schools he had founded.

Diligent FBI investigators found of the embezzlement he had done.

According to them, the accused despite having left the organization used an email address linked to them, making the bak believe he was associated with them when in actuality he was not. 

This was done for reducing the mortgage on the multimillion dollars apartment he and his wife bought in Manhattan. 

Seth Andrew Wife and Family

Seth Andrew’s wife is Lana Zak.

Lana Zak is a TV personality who is an evening anchor for CBSN.

The couple met on August 21, 2004, during a summer debate program at Northwestern University. 

Seth Andrew and Lana Zak have a family of 5, which includes them and their 3 children.

Seth Andrew Wikipedia and Net Worth

Seth Andrew has already been documented on Wikipedia but personal details like his age and birthday are missiong. 

Likewise, he also has a profile on LinkedIn. 

As of now, there has been no information on Seth Andrew’s net worth.



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