Sex Next Door Cast, Plot, Release Date and Trailer Explained

Quibi: Sex Next Door Cast, Plot, Release Date and Trailer Explained

Quibi: Sex Next Door Cast, Plot, Release Date and Trailer Explained

Quibi is the new TV app for mobile phones which was launched just recently in April 2020. Some can even call it a “mini Netflix”. Quibi has released several mini-episodes of different shows. Each episode on Quibi is not more than 10 minutes.

Quibi is short for “Quick Bites”. According to the founder of Quibi, Jeffrey Katzenberg, we leave our house every day with a little TV in our pocket which is a smartphone, and with Quibi we can watch our shows in those in-between moments like ten minutes here and fifteen minutes there.

With many programs like Die Hart, Flipped, Survived, The Stranger, Chrissy’s Court, and many more, Quibi has now come with a unique documentary mini-series called “Sex Next Door”. In his docuseries, the real story of the sex workers in Seattle has been depicted. Here is everything we know about the new docuseries on Quibi, Sex Next Door.

Quibi: Sex Next Door Release Date

The documentary series “Sex Next Door” is going to be premiered on August 03, 2020, only on Quibi.

Quibi: Sex Next Door Trailer

You can watch the Official trailer of the Sex Next Door below:

Quibi: Sex Next Door Plot Explained

Sex Next Door is a depiction of the real stories of the sex workers in Seattle. It is directed by Anthony B Sacco and Josh Shader. The production is Wall Fly which is represented by Brian Speiser and Abrams Garfinkel Margolis Bergson.

The show gives an intimate and introspective look at the personal and professional lives of the young people working in the sex industry. Sex Next Door is focused on the lives of four sex workers and the series explores the stigma and pressure from the society that sex workers have to face.

It also shares the stories of the workers about their relationship with their family, partners, clients, and themselves. According to Josh Shader, this series is targetted to show that sex worker rights are also human rights.

The reality is that sex work/ prostitution happens in every city and the creators of the show just came across a community of sex workers in Seattle who were willing to talk about this subject to create awareness and change.

The series gives a platform for such workers to share their point of view over society’s notion and directors want to represent that if the audience understands that sex workers are people too and deserve basic human rights, then it is powerful enough.

This eight-part docuseries contains some scenes with a BDSM practitioner and some viewers may consider it graphic

Sex Next Door coming out August 3 from r/Quibi

Quibi: Sex next Door Cast

The entire cast and crews of the docuseries sex Next Door is yet to be revealed. However, according to the Quibi’s synopsis, the names of the four sex workers on whom the story is based on are Holiday, Endza, Cayenne, and Jessie.

The director Shader says that the sex workers that are profiled in “Sex Next Door” are individuals and they don’t define all sex workers but offer a breadth of representation. From the newcomer in the industry, Holiday Stone to a single mother, Cayenne Amor, and from a veteran sex worker and former ballerina, Endza Adair to male BDSM practitioner, Jessie Sparkles.

All the profiled sex workers of Seattle were not available for an interview as it was denied by a Quibi representative.

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