Seyi Omooba Wikipedia Bio, Boyfriend and Age: Is She Married?

Seyi Omooba Wikipedia: Everything To Know About

Seyi Omooba Wikipedia: Everything To Know About

As you won’t find Seyi Omooba’s Wikipedia bio at the moment, we bring you the details you need to know about her. One of the most reputed Nigerian-English theatre actresses has been sacked over her anti-gay post on Facebook.

Seyi Omooba is an English theatre actress who is very famous for her roles in several Broadway productions. Recently, she was set to cast as a lead role of “Celie” in theatre production, The Color Purple. Her supposed character, in one interpretation, would be lesbian. 

The actress with anti-gay philosophy posted a clear message on Facebook around 6 years ago. But the post was tweeted by one of the actors, and her role has been sacked. However, she did sue Leicester Theatre Trust and her agents but has lost the case. 

Let’s know more about the actress. 

Seyi Omooba’s Wikipedia Bio

You might have had a hard time searching Seyi Omooba’s Wikipedia biography, and she actually doesn’t have one. The actress, however, is quite popular among broadway viewers. 

Likewise, there is n exact information on how tall the actress is.

But there is no shortage of articles about her on the internet, especially in recent times. Her 128,000 pounds lawsuit against the Leicester Theatre Trust made her even more recognizable. 

Seyi Omooba Boyfriend & Family: Is She Married?

As per the recent data, Seyi Omooba doesn’t have a boyfriend. She is still single and not married. The 26-year-old is currently very much focused on her career as she had to face a lot of challenges. 


As for her family, Seyi was born to a famous British pastor, Ade Omooba. He is the pastor of the Christian Victory group and homophobic, like his daughter. Seyi talks about her parents more often in interviews.

Is The Actress on Instagram?

No, as of now, Seyi Omooba has terminated almost all of her social media accounts. Her Twitter account is private, and she is nowhere to be found on Instagram and Facebook. 

A person with different religious views, nonetheless an excellent actress, Seyi Omooba, has amassed an impressive net worth as well. However, this is the second time her musical role has been canceled because of her anti-gay philosophy. 

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