Shamima Begum Age, Sister, Nationality: Is Shamima Pregnant?

Shamima Begum Age, Sister, Nationality: Is Shamima Pregnant?

Shamima Begum Age, Sister, Nationality: Is Shamima Pregnant?

Shamima Begum is one of the three schoolgirls who left the United Kingdom to join the Jihad group in Syria. She was born in the United Kingdom but she left at the age of fifteen and is currently in a refugee camp. 

The Brtish court decided to withdraw her citizenship as she was in the terrorist group. She has explained her desire to return back to the UK and raise her child there. But her future has been very unclear after the decision of taking her citizenship.

Name Shamima Begum
Age 21 years
Gender Female
Husband Yago Riedijk
Children 3 (all dead)

10 Facts on Shamima Begum

  1. Shamima Begum (born in 1999) is a Britain-born woman. But she left the United Kingdom to join the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant in Syria at the age of 15. 
  2. As of now, she is around 21 years old. And is currently residing in one of the camps in Syria.
  3. Sharmeena Begum, who joined the ISIL before her was her friend. There have been assumptions that she maybe her sister. But her family confirmed that she has no relation with Shamima. 
  4. As for her nationality, it is pretty unclear. Her British citizenship has been revoked. However, she can take Bangladeshi citizenship as her parents were from Bangladesh. 
  5. But the foreign minister of Bangladesh explained that she would be given the death penalty if she returned to Bangladesh. 
  6. During the time of her interview in 2019, she said she was 9 months pregnant. 
  7. She gave birth to a baby after 10 days of Interview but the baby died afterward. Likewise, she has had three babies and all of them died. 
  8. As for her husband, she married Yago Redijik who is from Dutch. The marriage took place a few days after she went to the camp in Syria. 
  9. As for her parents, they were of Bangladeshi descent. But she was born in Bethnal Green, United Kingdom. 
  10. She came all over the news when she said she desired to return back to England with her child in 2019. 

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