Shasta Groene Today, Family And Husband: Father Joseph Duncan

Where is Shasta Groene Now? Joseph Duncan Daughter Update 2021

Where is Shasta Groene Now? Joseph Duncan Daughter Update 2021

Where is Shasta Groene today? Know everything about her family and husband. 

Shasta Groene is the only survivor of the 2005 Idaho mass murder carried out by one of the most vicious killers, Joseph Duncan. Her mother, father, and brother were killed in the house, and Duncan kidnapped her and her other sibling, Dylan, who was later killed. 

Later that year, Joseph Duncan was arrested with three federal counts of murder and kidnapping. He was given life imprisonment following the reveal of his crimes. And most recently, Duncan died at Indiana Hospital. 

The serial killer died on March 28, 2021. He was battling brain cancer which led him to the Indiana hospital prior to his death. He met his demise at the age of 58. 

Shasta Groene Today: Update 2021

Shasta Groene was the daughter of Brenda Groene, who was murdered in 2005. Greone today is missing from public reach and her whereabouts remain undetermined. 

Following the family tragedy, Shasta Groene had a really hard time getting over everything and being normal. After all, she was held hostage by the serial killer who killed her entire family. 

Shasta Groene Husband And Family

Shasta Groene met her husband in a recovery program in Southern Idaho. 

As of now, Shasta lives with her husband and the family of two children. 

Her mother was Brenda Groene, and her father was Steve Groene. They were separated at the time of the incident, and her mother was with her boyfriend, Mark. Mark, unfortunately, was also the victim. 

Her childhood could never be normal. As a result, her teenage life was also a wreck as she was taken to a juvenile center regarding a drug case. However, after a year there, her life changed completely. 

Joseph Duncan Idaho Murders Explained

On May 16, 2005, Joseph Duncan killed Shasta’s mother, Brenda, her boyfriend, Mark, and her brother, Slade. 

Also, Shasta and her other brother were kidnapped by him. She was later spotted with Duncan in a coffee house and rescued. 

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