Shaun Bailey Wife Family And Party Manifesto: London Mayor Election

Conservative Party Shaun Bailey Wife And Family: Everything To Know

Conservative Party Shaun Bailey Wife And Family: Everything To Know

Conservative mayor of London candidate Shaun Bailey launched his election manifesto. Let’s have a look at his manifesto in this article.

Shaun Bailey is a British politician who has served as a member of the London Assembly since 2016. Moreover, he has also served as Prime Minister David Cameron’s special adviser on youth and crime from 2010 to 2013.

Recently, Shaun bailey is making headlines all over News portals as he is the party’s candidate for the forthcoming 2021 London Mayoral Election.

Shaun Bailey Party Manifesto On London Mayor Election

Shaun Bailey has launched his party manifesto on April 19, 2021, for his London Mayoral Election.

Well, Shaun’s manifesto is a 56-page document that outlined policies on areas such as the economy, the environment, crime, transport, and housing. 

You all can know Shaun bailey’s election manifesto in detail on City AM.

Shaun Bailey Wife And Family Traversed

Shaun Bailey wife is Ellie Bailey.

Not just married, Shaun and his wife Ellie are already blessed with two children together. The family lives happily in a house owned jointly with a housing association. 

Shaun Bailey Net Worth: How Much?

Shaun Bailey net worth is yet to come to light, unfortunately.

We assume that Shaun must have good fortune and a prosperous lifestyle with his successful political career.

Shaun Bailey Education Revealed

Shaun Bailey has qualified education.

In addition to that, he attended Henry Compton School and left with 5 CSEs. Later on, his mother sent him to join Army Cadet Force. After leaving secondary school, he joined Paddington College.

Also, he earned a degree in computer-aided engineering from London South Bank University, suggests Wikipedia.

Shaun Bailey Political Party Uncovered

Shaun Bailey is associated with the Conservative Political party.

In fact, he is a proud member of the Conservative party who is the party’s candidate for the 2021 London mayoral election.

Shaun Ethnicity And Religion Status

Shaun must be of Jamaican ethnicity as his family is of Jamaican origin.

And, Shaun attends an Anglican church which symbolizes Christian as his religion.

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