Shawn Adkins Facebook Age And Wiki

Shawn Adkins has been all over Facebook with hate slurs. He is finally arrested on the charge of killing Hailey Dunn. Find his Wiki details here.

Shawn was arrested on a murder charge. The authorities have charged him with a bond worth $2 million.

Shawn Adkins Wiki and Age

Shawn Adkins Wiki details are not available as of now.

Adkins age is 35 years old.

Shawn was the live-in boyfriend of Billie Dunn. However, the two stopped living together after Billie’s daughter Hailey disappeared in December 2010.

Shawn was residing in Big Spring after leaving Billie’s house. The Big Spring Police Department arrested him from his house on Monday.

In addition, Adkins allegedly raped at least two women since 2010. Also, he stalked seven other women during the period.

Shawn Adkins Facebook

Shawn Adkins on Facebook has been receiving several hatreds over the years.

Adkins does not seem to have a Facebook account of his own. But people have been discussing his crimes for many years on Facebook.

A Facebook page was created demanding justice for Hailey Dunn. The page Who Killed Hailey Dunn is now relived as justice arrived for Hailey after over a decade.

Adkins has raised several discussions on Reddit too. Besides, he does not seem to have an Instagram account.

Who Killed Hailey Dunn?

Shawn Adkins, who allegedly killed Hailey Dunn, is now finally arrested.

The authorities arrested him after years, Dunn’s remains were found. However, they have not revealed why it took such a long time for them.

Adkins is on a bond worth $2 million. He was related to another agency from the Howard County Jail on Monday.

Hailey’s mother Billie was arrested in 2011 for lying about Shawn’s whereabouts.

Dunn’s father, Clint, always suspected Adkins. Also, he had hired a private detective to study the case after Hailey had been missing from her home.

His Family Background

Shawn’s family background has not surfaced in the media as of now.

Also, his ethnicity is yet to be concealed at the moment.

Authorities found several articles about mass murders and serial killers in Shawn and Billie’s bedroom. 

Shawn reportedly used to work for an oil well casing and logging company. 

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