Shikiri Hightower Ig Age And Daughter: Keyshawn Johnson’s Ex Wife

Where is Shikiri Hightower Now? Keyshawn Johnson’s Ex Wife Ig Revealed

Where is Shikiri Hightower Now? Keyshawn Johnson’s Ex Wife Ig Revealed

Shikiri Hightower Ig Age And Daughter: Who is he married to? Learn all about Shikiri in this article.

Shikiri Hightower Ig username is @shikiri. She has already gained 327 followers there.

Professionally, we can call Shikiri a veteran fashion entrepreneur. In April 2014, she founded an affordable luxury clothing brand named China Royal Clothing. Also, she is known to be the founder of Golden Butterfly but stepped out of her own business in September 2008.

Shikiri Hightower Age: How old is she?

Shikiri Hightower’s age has not yet been officially revealed. However, we can calculate her age right now!

On December 17, 2017, she revealed that she was 19 years old 22 years back via an Instagram post. Moving ahead of time, it’s 2021; so, her current age must be 45 years.

Everything On Shikiri Daughter Maia Johnson

On March 15, Meaww confirmed that Shikiri Hightower’s daughter Maia Johnson had passed away. She was just 25 years old, and the cause of her death has not been revealed yet.

She was the first-born daughter of Shikiri. Apart from Maia, she has two children – one from her previous relationship while one with her current husband.

When Shikiri gave birth to Maia, she was just 19 years old. In fact, she was attending the University of Southern California at that time. Losing her daughter has been a huge shock for her and the entire family.

Meet Keyshawn Johnson’s Ex-Wife Shikiri Hightower

Shikiri Hightower is widely known to be Keyshawn Johnson‘s ex-wife. Talking about her former husband, Keyshawn is a former football player who used to play as a wide receiver.

As of the update 2021, Shikiri is already married to another guy named Gaskin. She often shares pictures with her husband and daughter on her Instagram accounts – @shikiri and @chinaroyal. Now, Shikiri Hightower resides in Berkeley, California, the United States, with her family.

Moving on, Shikiri Hightower is an entrepreneur, which is why her net worth is probably very high. However, the lady has not yet revealed anything regarding her earnings.

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