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Aaron Mostofsky: Judge  Shlomo Mostofsky On US Capitol Riot

Aaron Mostofsky: Judge  Shlomo Mostofsky On US Capitol Riot

Aaron Mostofsky is the man who was wearing a bizarre costume during the US Capitol riot. He has been pro-Trump and believes that the election results were cheated and stolen. Many photographs of Aaron went viral on Twitter because of his costume.

Aaron Mostofsky is the son of Brooklyn Supreme Court judge, Shlomo Mostofsky. His brother, Nachman Mostofsky who was present at the riot is a Brooklyn district leader. 

Quick Facts: Aaron Mostofsky: Judge Shlomo Mostofsky On US Capitol Riot

Name Aaron Mostofsky
Age 27-29
Gender Male
Parents Shlomo Mostofsky
Siblings Nachman Mostofsky


10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Aaron Mostofsky

  1. Aaron Mostofsky has not revealed the details of his age and date of birth. By the looks of Mostofsky’s pictures, he seems to be in his late twenties.
  2. Aaron Mostofsky is the son of Steven Mostofsky or Shlomo Mostofsky. Shlomo is the former president of the Orthodox synagogue association, National Council of Young Israel. At present Shlomo is a Brooklyn Supreme Court judge.
  3. Mostofsky’s net worth and salary details remain unknown. We do not know what he does for a living or what his job is.
  4. His brother, Nachman Mostofsky serves at the South Brooklyn Conservative Club as a vice president. He is also the executive director of Chovevei Zion and a Brooklyn district leader.
  5. Aaron Mostofsky was a part of the rioters who stormed the US Capitol in January 2021. He was seen wearing bulletproof vests and fur pelts. Aaron also carried a riot shield, reports The New York Post.
  6. Nachman Mostofsky was also present at the riot but he did not enter the Capitol. He said Aaron did nothing illegal and defended him.
  7. Is Aaron Mostofsky married? He has not revealed any details about his relationship status. We do not know if Mostofsky is married and has a wife.
  8. Aaron Mostofsky does not have a Wikipedia page dedicated to him. Mostofsky has very few Wiki-bio pages about him.
  9. There is not much information about his family and upbringing.
  10. He is a huge Trump supporter and believes the 2020 election results were a fraud. 

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