Shortfakeblonde aka Claudia Conway TikTok Age, Kellyanne Conway Daughter



Shortfakeblonde is the newest social media of Claudia Conway. Claudia is the daughter of the American politician and political analyst, Kellyanne Conway. She also serves as the counselor for the president for the administration of Donald Trump. 

However, Kellyanne recently announced that she will be leaving the white house job at the end of the month. But her daughter has been in the limelight after she demanded emancipation from her parents. She went to TikTok and even created a fake account, Shortfakeblonde, and talked about her tension with her parents who think she is depressed. Here is what we have got over Shortfakeblonde aka Claudia Conway

Name Shortfakeblonde
Age 15
Gender Female
Height 5 Feet 9 Inches
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Parents Kellyanne Conway, George Conway
Siblings Vanessa, George, Charlotte
Tiktok @shortfakeblonde
Twitter @shortfakeblonde

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10 Facts on Shortfakeblonde 

  1. Shortfakeblonde is the deceptive social media presence of Claudia Conway, who is the daughter of Kellyanne Conway. 
  2. Moreover, she has made accounts on TikTok and Twitter with the name, Shortfakeblonde 
  3. As for her age, the counselor’s daughter is around 15 years old. She is not an adult yet. 
  4. She is present dually on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. She has gathered thousands of followers on social media. 
  5. Claudia was born to the renowned American politicians, George T Conway and Kellyanne Conway. 
  6. Her mother, Kellyanne Conway.  is the counselor to the president for Trump’s administration. However, she will soon be leaving her job at the White House. 
  7. As per her interview, she described the reason for leaving the job was to focus her children and family. 
  8. Talking about them, Claudia has three other siblings. They are George Conway, Charlotte Conway, and Vanessa Conway. All of them are in their teens. 
  9. Similarly, her father, George has also dropped himself off the Lincoln project he was working for so long.
  10. As a result, Claudia came into social media in disguise and slammed her family for being unreasonable. According to her TikTok videos, she has been demanding emancipation as she is yet to be an adult. 

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