Shyam Premjee Louis Trichardt Net Worth, Wikipedia And Wife

Was Louis Trichardt Shyam Premjee Released? Kidnapped Businessman Update

Was Louis Trichardt Shyam Premjee Released? Kidnapped Businessman Update

Shyam Premjee from Louis Trichardt is missing since last month. Has it something to do with his colossal net worth? Find Out Below.

Mr. Premjee is an accomplished businessman based in South Africa. And, he has been missing for more than a month. 

As there has been no news about Premjee since he went missing, it has made his family and well-wishers worried.

Likewise, the Limpopo police have also requested the public to cooperate in this matter and inform them if they find any clue.

Shyam Premjee’s Net Worth

Shyam Premjee, a Louis Trichardt businessman’s net worth, can be expected to be in the millions.

However, the precise information on his earning has not been released among the public.

But being a successful businessman, we are confident that the man had a colossal net worth and lived a prosperous life.

Also, the police authorities are suspecting his kidnapping is related to financial matters.

Is Shyam On Wikipedia?

No, Shyam Premjee is not available on Wikipedia.

However, one can know the man a little better from this article.

Premjee’s age is 36 years currently.

He had been living in South Africa, and he endures Indian ethnicity.

We are not sure if he was born and raised in South Africa or if he had been in the country as an immigrant.

Also, as per his missing reports, he stands 1.70m tall.

Shyam’s Wife: Is The Businessman Married?

We are not sure if Shyam Premjee has a wife.

The man must be married based on his age, but we have no reliable source to confirm that details.

Is Shyam Premji Released?

No, Shyam Premjee is not released yet – he is still missing.

The businessman was kidnapped from Louis Trichardt on Friday 9th April 2021.

The man is said to be on his way to work when he was blocked by two vehicles on the corner of De Vaal and Barnard Street, reported Limpopo Mirror.

People in the area also reported hearing gunshots. And, his Mercedez has been found abandoned in the area.

Similarly, the police have stated that they are investing the incident as a missing person case, and they can only treat it as a kidnapping case if they receive any calls from the kidnapper.

Furthermore, it has been more than a month since Mr. Premjee is missing, and there have been no signs of him.

Moreover, Premjee’s family has declined to comment on the case and has demanded time to deal with the traumatic event.

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