Sienna Mae And Jack Wright Breakup: TikTok Drama And Allegations

Did Sienna Mae And Jack Wright Break Up? Twitter Reaction On Allegations

Did Sienna Mae And Jack Wright Break Up? Twitter Reaction On Allegations

Sienna Mae and Jack Wright allegedly had a breakup around a month ago. The news just hit the media after some allegations. Here are the details. 

Mae Gomez is the epitome of an overnight sensation. She first went viral in fall 2020 when one of her videos of her dancing with her stomach out in her kitchen and also for her body positivity videos. 

Mae is an eminent TikToker who has already amassed more than 15.1M followers and 887.9M likes on her TikTok account.

Sienna Mae And Jack Wright Breakup Explained

Sienna Mae and Jack Wright have not yet confirmed their breakup.

However, neither Mae nor Wright have posted any pictures of them together in a while.

Sienna Mae and Jack Wright, a member of Hype House were dating together. They were one of the adored couples in recent times on TikTok.  

Plenty of fans were huge backers of their relationship as they were often seen on TikTok videos and social media.

Most recently, fans have been speculating that the pair has already broken up. Well, some of their fans have even commented asking why Jack Wright has unfollowed her on Instagram.

TikTok Drama And Allegations

Sienna Mae has alleged for TikToker Jack Wright to “commit suicide”.

Apparently, Mason Rozzio took to Twitter to call out Sienna, who alleged Wright to commit suicide and also sexually assaulted him numerous times after he set boundaries. 

Wright garnered attention to a huge case involving Mae when his friend Rizzo tweeted out a photo on Twitter.

Not standing with, Rizzo called an unnamed TikToker whose description sounded familiar to 17-year-old Sienna Mae.

Basically, he confirmed it was Mae, by talking about the influencer’s “positive body message”.

Fans went absolutely insane when they heard the news.

Is she pregnant?

Sienna Mae was rumored to be pregnant.

As a matter of fact, the famous TikTok star made was quashed rumors that she is expecting her first child with Jack Wright.

However, she denied the rumors calling out “It’s a joke”. Also, exploring her pictures on Instagram, we’re not able to see a baby bump of Mae.

Therefore, she might not be pregnant.

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