Simone Lambe Wikipedia – Michael Ballack Ex Wife Age And Kinder

Simone Lambe Is Mourning The Loss of Her Child – Meet Michael Ballack Ex Wife

Simone Lambe Is Mourning The Loss of Her Child – Meet Michael Ballack Ex Wife

Simone Lambe is featured on Michael Ballack Wikipedia as his ex-wife. They recently lost their 18 years old age kinder. 

Ballack is a retired German footballer and former Chelsea player. He has won the German Footballer of the Year award three times (2002, 2003, and 2005).

Sadly, a tragedy has fallen upon Michael recently. He lost his son to an accident. 

Simone Lambe Wikipedia – Meet Michael Ballack Ex-Wife

Simone Lambe is not subject to the Wikipedia feature yet.

Simone Lambe got popular as the ex-wife of Michael Ballack. 

The former couple got married on July 14, 2008. At that time, Ballack served as the captain of the German football team. Interestingly, the wedding occurred just sometime after the German team lost the Euro Cup match to Spain.  

The lavish ceremony was held in Bavarian Palace Kempfenhausen. Likewise, around 400 guests attended the wedding.

However, the marriage didn’t last forever. In 2012, Lambe and Ballack got officially separated due to personal reasons.

After the divorce, Simone Lambe must have added handsome net worth from her ex-spouse, who owns at least $30 Million USD in 2021. 

Sad Death of Simone Lambe Kinder

Michael Ballack and Simone Lambe, kinder aka son Emilio suffered an untimely death. 

On August 5, 2021, Emilio lost his life to an unfortunate quad bike crash. The accident took place around Michael’s house in Portugal, which he purchased a long time ago. 

Apparently, the teenager was riding the bike on uneven terrain in Troia, Lisbon when the bike fell backward. The vehicle landed on top of Emilio, crushing him. 

Though the medics arrived in time, they were unable to revive him back. Subsequently, he was pronounced dead on the scene. 

Emilio was the second-born child of Simone and Michael. He was just 18 years old in age.

Besides Eimilio, the former husband and wife also have two children: Louis and Jordi. All of the kids were born before the marriage. 

Simone Lambe Age: How Old Is She?

Simone Lambe is the age of 43 years old. 

Lambe is just a year younger than Simone, who is 44 years old. Likewise, both of them have moved on from their past relationships.

In 2019, Simone Lambe was married to her husband, Andreas Mecky. On the other hand, Michael was in a relationship with Natacha Tannous between 2015-2019. 

Simone and Michael have come together in a time of grief. In fact, fans flooded Simone Lambe’s Instagram @simoneballack with heartwarming messages on Thursday.

We hope the parents find the strength to go through the hard times. Thank you. 

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