Sina Estavi Net Worth Wikipedia And Twitter: Jack Dorsey Tweet Buyer

Who is Sina Estavi? Jack Dorsey First Tweet Buyer Net Worth Revealed

Who is Sina Estavi? Jack Dorsey First Tweet Buyer Net Worth Revealed

What is Sina Estavi’s net worth? Is the Bridge Oracle CEO on Wikipedia? Bear with us for a moment.

Sina Estavi is a businessman who rose to fame overnight. According to Meaww, Sina is the CEO at Bridge Oracle. It’s the first-ever Malaysian blockchain oracle system on the Tron network. He joined the company in November 2019. 

There is a little information available on the web now. In fact, he is actively available on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, but it appears to be exclusively promotional in nature. 

Sina Estavi Net Worth And Salary Uncovered

Sina Estavi is a millionaire, of course. As being a CEO of a renowned company, he definitely has a colossal amount of earnings from the blockchain company.

However, his current net worth or salary is yet to update on the internet. 

Sina Estavi Wikipedia Explored

Sina has no legit Wikipedia page lately, but we can find his biography on news portals, as he has become headlines in today’s magazines.  

Furthermore, Sina is available on social media platforms. He verified Twitter account has around 88k followers. He has a separate fan following in the corporate world.

Talking about his nationality and age, Estavi is from Malaysia. Hence, he holds Malaysian nationality. Similarly, his date of birth is still unknown in the media. By his looks and personality, he must be around 30- 35 years.

Nevertheless, he is tall and has a slim body type. In short, he has an amazing personality.

Sina Estavi: Jack Dorsey First Tweet Buyer

Sina Estavi has purchased the world’s first Tweet by Jack Dorsey, the Twitter CEO, for 2.9 million US dollars (21 crores) as an NFT (non-fungible tokens). Can you believe it? He retweeted on his Twitter account reads, “This is not just a tweet.”


People will know the true value of it in the future, just like the Mona Lisa’s painting. Only the true businessman knows the value of this tweet.  

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