Singletown HBO Max Cast, Release Date, Contestants and Trailer Explained

Singletown HBO Max Cast, Release Date, Contestants and Trailer Explained

Singletown HBO Max Cast, Release Date, Contestants and Trailer Explained

HBO is starting to gain traction with its newest streaming service, HBO Max, as it is preparing to release Singletown. The new dating show has an exciting concept and tests the relationship of real-life couples by giving the ultimate challenge, of breaking up. 

With a few mentors and stars present they will have to guide their relationship to the next level as they go completely single in London. 

The catch is that their ‘exes’ can see all of their actions as they try to live their best single life in London.  They must also share the falt with the other newly single stars.

Singletown Release Date

The show will be available for global viewing from August 20, 2020. Before this, the first season was aired on ITV since September 2, 2019. 

Singletown HBO Max Cast

Apart from the 5 couples featured on the show, there are two hosts/ mentors: 

  1. Emily Atack
  2. Joel Dommett

One of the show’s most prominent cast members is co-host Emily Atack. The Tv actress has been a fixture on British reality TV since she worked on Dancing on Ice in 2010. 

Emily has also appeared on various other reality TV shows like I’m a Celebrity: Extra Camp, I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! etc. She will be a guide and mentor of the contestants on the show, teaching them how to be single in London. 

The host has also had a decent acting career appearing in several hits like The Keith Lemon Sketch Show and Tracey Ullman’s Show.

Joel Dommett is the other co-host of the show. He is an established presenter and host who has worked as an emcee for various shows although he has added responsibility on Singletown. Like Emily, he was on I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!, and a lot of other reality TV shows. 

He is also one of the mentors on the show whose job is to guide the contestants. The 35-year-old is also an author on subjects of relationships which has made him a perfect match as a mentor for the couples on the show. As a matter of fact, one of his books is even titled “Not Me It’s Them: Confessions of a hopeless modern romantic“.

The couples, who we have seen very little of are Claudia & Rob; Sophie & George; Tash & Luke; Selin & Jeremiah; and Elliott & Charlie. 

Premise And Format

The show takes 5 couples, they are all at different stages of their relationships, then, the show splits them and makes them all singe. After that, they must go to London as a single person and survive long enough as a single person for their former relationship or find a new one.

As the clips of the show suggest drama is incoming, one of the participants is saying to another person he met in London, that she couldn’t be as special as his ex of five years. 

Additionally, get the tissues ready because there will be a lot of tears as the ‘abrupt exes’ must navigate their single life without closure and confrontation.

Some parts are happy too as it provides some people the opportunity to get out of an abusive or toxic relationship. Indeed, one of the contestants says to their former partner that they no longer needed a relationship together to feel happy.

The format of the show is that they can do whatever they want all week but at the end of the week must make the decision to stay single and move further in the competition or leave as a couple with their original partner. This part of the show has been branded as the Love Locket ceremony.  


The clip of the show which showcases the unique concept and format was released by the HBO mAx channel on August 13, 2020.

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