Sir Richard Sutton Net Worth Wikipedia And Wife Family: Gillingham Stabbing

Sir Richard Sutton Gillingham Stabbing: Who was He? Family Details To Know

Sir Richard Sutton Gillingham Stabbing: Who was He? Family Details To Know

After the shocking death of the baronet Sir Richard Lexington Sutton, many fans are curious to know about his net worth and family life. Get to know all the possible details here.

Sir Richard Lexington Sutton was the 9th Baronet of Norwood Park, a baronetcy created on October 14, 1972, by Sir Richard Sutton, the 1st Baronet, as per Wikipedia. 

The businessman lived peacefully in his 2 million euros home in Dorset with his wife.

Recently on last Wednesday, he was attacked and murdered, and his wife is in a hospital in critical condition.

Quick Facts:

Name Sir Richard Lexington Sutton
Birthday 27 April 1937 
Age 83 years old
Gender Male
Nationality British
Profession Businessman
Parents Sir Robert Lexington Sutton and Gwynneth Gwladys Gover
Net Worth 301 million euros
Married/Single Married
Wife Anne Schreiber
Children Sir David Robert Sutton and Caroline Victoria Sutton
Divorce Fiamma Ferrari

Sir Richard Lexington Sutton Net Worth

Sir Richard Lexington Sutton’s net worth is 301 million euros

He had inherited his family wealth back in 1981 with the title of the 9th Baronet. His family wealth dates back to Norman Conquest, with more than 7000 acres of land in his name.

Using his wealth, he had started many businesses and hotels like the five-star Sheraton Grand on London’s swanky Park Lane and the Athenaeum in Mayfair. 

Sir Richard Lexington Sutton’s salary and earnings from his various business ventures are not known.

Sir Richard Sutton Wikipedia Death by Stabbing

On April 7th, 2021, Sir Richard Lexington Sutton was stabbed to death.

Moreover, his wife, Anne had life-threatening injures and was rushed to hospital.

The police had arrested a 34-years-old man in Hammersmith, London. 

As of now, Sir Richard Lexington Sutton’s family has not issued an obituary yet as he has recently passed away.

Sir Richard Lexington Family: Wife and Children

Sutton was the direct descendent of Sir Richard Sutton, 1st Baronet’s family. 

He was the son of Sir Robert Lexington Sutton, 8th Baronet, and Gwynneth Gwladys Gover.

Sutton’s ex-wife is Fiamma Ferrari with whom he had 2 children with.

Sir Richard Sutton is officially on Wikipedia. 

He is his only son and the heir to his property and title of the 10th Baronet, and Caroline Victoria Sutton is his daughter. The businessman had five grandchildren from them.

Sutton’s second wife is Anne Schreiber who has 3 children of her own with her previous relationships.

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