Sir Vartan Melkonian Wikipedia Biography: Everything To Know

Who is Sir Vartan Melkonian? Everything On His  Wiki And Family

Who is Sir Vartan Melkonian? Everything On His  Wiki And Family

Sir Virtan Melkonian is a self-taught musician. Isn’t it wonderful? So, currently, many people are now concerned about his biography and whether or not he is included on Wikipedia. So, let’s learn a little more about him.

Sir Virtan Melkonian had once spent his life in the slums, a popular face of the musical world. However, with the determination to live a better future, he sought opportunities. And now he is known as one of the best conductor and composers of classical music.

Apart from music, he is also renowned for his support for street children.

Sir Virtan Melkonian Wikipedia Biography

Born in the early 50s, Virtan Melkonian had a hard time as a child.

Being born to refugee parents in an Armenian Lebanese refugee camp, Sir Virtan spend miserable childhood in the camp after his parents’ death. At the tender age of 8, Virtan escaped the orphanage and spent rough life on the street.

Moreover, with all the struggles, he never got the right to formal education. He educated himself to be a musician. As of now, he received an honorary doctorate degree from Mashdots College.

However, now we can say that Sir Virtan has come a long way to establish himself as a well-known figure in the musical world. In addition, he is also a United Nations Ambassador for Street Children.

Is Sir Vartan Melkonian married?

We assume that Mr. Melkonian is a married man.

According to a source, it is known that he has a daughter named Veronica and a son named Richard. 

So being a father of 2 children he surely must be married.

Furthermore, Melkonian has 4 siblings, one brother and 3 sisters talking more about his family.

His Nationality And Ethnicity Explored

Vartan Melkonian holds a British nationality now.

However, Mr. Melkonian was originally born in an Armenian Lebanese refugee camp.

Talking about his ethnicity, he comes from a Lebanese ethnic background.

Is He On Twitter?

Yes, Sir Virtan Melkonian Iis available on the Twitter platform as @VartanMelkonian.

The great musician joined the platform in June of 2011. He has nearly 1k people following his tweet on the platform.

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