Sisanie Husband Wikipedia And Married

Who Is Sisanie Villaclara? Pregnancy Rumors Explored

Who Is Sisanie Villaclara? Pregnancy Rumors Explored

Sisanie is married to her husband, Micheal. Besides, she also is relatively competent as a co-host on the show named KIIS FM.

She is a married woman who has equally balanced her personal and professional life. Let’s get to know her more detailly.

Sisanie’s Husband: Who Is She Married To?

If you are wondering, Sisanie is a single woman; then you are mistaken. She is a married woman who has been living a blissful life with her husband, Michael.

We can spot her spouse on Instagram with the name sisanieshusband itself.

While on the other hand, we can find the lady with the name sisanie on the Instagram handle. No doubt, both the pair are equally active on the platform. That’s why we can spot their marriage picture there.

Sisanie has posted the picture of their wedding on their fourth anniversary. They officially tied the knot on January 18th, 2014. It’s been seven years since the pair are together.

Explore on Sisanie’s Wikipedia And Family

Despite the name and fame she has earned, she has not been introduced to Wikipedia yet. We just have to wait for that day when Sisanie will be officially present on the page.

Other than that, Sisanie has a big Family. While going through her picture, it looks like she shares the closest bond with her father, Randy Reategui. Sisanie uploaded a photo of their father-daughter where she wished her dad on Father’s Day.

She thanked him for the last-minute arrival in Brazil. She was there working while after the work they enjoyed it a lot. Later, she also shared a group family picture where they went on vacation at Indio, California.

Is Sisanie Villaclara Pregnant? Get To Know Her Twin Children

Yes, Sisanie Villaclara is indeed pregnant with her third child, which she revealed on one of the episodes of their radio show back in February.

She also stated their secret is now revealed, and soon their small munchkin is arriving in August 2021.

If you are not aware, then she with Michael has experienced parenthood before as well. She gave birth to twins whom they named Aiza and Maxon.

They were born just a few minutes away. Currently, they are all grown up. Recently, Sisanie had shared their third birthday celebrations with balloons, pinatas, and two different flavored cakes on Instagram. 

Her Biography; Age And Height

Sisanie Villaclara was born on March 31 back in 1984, in Orange County, California. The lady had begun her career by serving at KHTS, located in San Diego. Nevertheless, Sisanie got an opportunity to be a co-host at On Air with Ryan Seacrest back in 2016.

Sisanie Villaclara is 35 years of age. She was born on March 31 back in 1984. As per her birth date, she follows the Aries zodiac sign.

Nevertheless, her actual height is still unrevealed on the internet sites.

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