Sisinono Twitch Edad And Wikipedia: Streamer Cause Of Death

Who is Streamer Sisinono on Twitch? Cause Of Death Revealed

Who is Streamer Sisinono on Twitch? Cause Of Death Revealed

Sisinono Twitch Edad Wikipedia Cause Of Death: How did the streamer die? Stay with the article to find out more.

Sisinono was one of the most famous Twitch streamers in Spain. She created her Twitch account on July 17, 2019, and later she became partnered with Twitch. Sisinono streamed Among Us, Grand Theft Auto, and Rust, among other games.

Sisinono Twitch Edad And Wikipedia

Sisinono edad is 45 years.

Sisinono is not on Wikipedia. There is limited information about Sisinono on the Internet. Sisinono has 217k followers on her Twitch account. The most recently streamed category of Sisinono on Twitch includes Visage and Phasmophobia.

Sisinono also used to stream just chatting videos. One can read about Sisinono’s Twitch stats on Twitch Tracker.

Sisinono Cause Of Death Revealed

Sisinono passed away due to COVID-19

Sisinono was diagnosed with COVID-19 more than a month ago. The news of Sisinono’s death was announced by his son, Ruben, through a Twitter post. The post revealed that Sisinono fought against COVID with all the strength, and she could not resist it anymore. Sisinono passed away on March 13, 2021.

Ruben also requested people not to make any videos regarding his mother’s death out of respect for the family. In the post, Ruben also revealed that he would not like for his younger brother to find out about the matter through other people’s videos in the future.

Quick Facts:

Name Sisinono
Age 45 years
Gender Female
Nationality Spanish
Profession Twitch Streamer
Children Ruben
Instagram @sisinono_tw
Twitter @davnie6
Youtube Sisi Nono

Some Facts You Didn’t Know About Sisinono

  1. Sisinono never revealed her real name or her face to the public.
  2. The details about Sisinono’s husband, family, parents, and background are private.
  3. Sisinono has a Youtube account with 34.5k subscribers. She joined the platform on April 23, 2016, and she has a total of 462.8k views.
  4. The Twitch streamer’s Instagram account has 3.6k followers. Sisinono’s first Instagram post was on December 3, 2020, which was about Christmas.
  5. Sisinono has a presence on Redditt, where the news of her death is posted.

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