Sister, Age, Net Worth And 10 Facts

Who Is Dotodoya Twitch? Face, Sister And 10 Facts

Who Is Dotodoya Twitch? Face, Sister And 10 Facts

Dotodoya is best known as a Twitch streamer who has now earned a total number of 66.8 thousand followers on his official Twitch channel. Apart from just Twitch, we can recognize him as a YouTuber who has earned nearly 303 thousand subscribers on his official YouTube channel already. In fact, he has amassed over 102.6 million views on his YouTube videos.

Name Dotodoya
Gender Male
Profession Twitch Streamer, Gamer, YouTuber
Siblings 1 sister
Twitter @DotoDoya
Youtube DotoDoya

Of course, he is a gamer who loves to stream his gameplays and his most played games include Dragon Ball FighterZ, NES Open Tournament Golf, Tennis, Ice Hockey, etc. Although he loves to play all kinds of games, he often describes himself as a Dragon Ball FighterZ content creator. Below, we have listed 10 amazing facts about this Twitch streamer which you must know. 

10 Facts on Dotodoya:

  1. Dotodoya, the Twitch star has been ranked 2,965 by Twitch Tracker and he has an average viewer of 2,885 on Twitch.
  2. Moreover, Dotodoya has not revealed his face yet which means that you won’t find him streaming games with his camera on.
  3. Furthermore, we have come to know that Dotodoya has got a sister and she has also appeared on his YouTube channel.
  4. As of now, there is nothing about Dotodoya’s age and birthday. So, we are currently unknown about how old he really is.
  5. The Twitch star has made remarkable net worth but the actual figure is yet to be surfaced.
  6. His Twitch bio states that he like fighting games so he streams them on Twitch and upload videos of them on YouTube channel.
  7. Currently, we do not have any idea regarding his nationality as well as his ethnicity. 
  8. Also, there is nothing really to focus on his family as the man himself has not provided any details regarding his parents and relatives.
  9. With around 53.5 thousand total followers, Dotodoya is active on Twitter under the username @DotoDoya. 
  10. Furthermore, his average views per video are 136.6K. Similarly, his active engagement per video is 7.3K.

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