Skeem Saam: Sis Ouma Passed Away

Sis Ouma From Skeem Saam Died: Who Is Her Husband?

Sis Ouma From Skeem Saam Died: Who Is Her Husband?

Skeem Saam star Sis Ouma has passed away. She was aged 58 years old.

The cast of Skeem Saam has faced another tragedy after the demise of Sis Ouma. In the duration of 2 years, the Soapie has already lost actors like Charles Maja, Karabo Mokhubela, Mahuma Paul Rapetsoa and Thema Mokoena.

Now, Sis Ouma is the latest addition to the list and her death has left the world in utter pain. 

Skeem Saam Tragedy: Sis Ouma Has Passed Away

Sis Ouma aka Nokuzola Mlengana from Skeem Saam has passed away.

Ouma is one of the beloved characters of SABC 1 soapie, Skeem Saam. She is popular as the annoying and nosy matron of Turf University (before Gauteng University). 

Nokuzola had joined the Skeem Saam cast just a few years old. Despite playing the role of stubborn and feisty security, fans loved her as Sis Ouma. 

Sadly, the Soapie confirmed Sis Ouma’s death on Monday. They even posted the obituary on their official Twitter handle.

Soon after the news became public, fans filled the social media with RIP posts. However, there are no details on Sis Ouma’s death cause right now.

Sis Ouma Age: How Old Was She?

Sis Ouma was 58 years old in age. 

Nokuzola Mlengana was a native from Eastern Cape province, South Africa. She dropped out from her high school, following a teenage pregnancy. 

Over the years, Nokuzola struggled to provide for her daughter. So, she is ultimately decided to move to Johannesburg in 1994.

Unlike other actors and actresses, Ouma was a late movie bloomer. During the mid-2000s, she was rejected from multiple TV show auditions. 

Nokuzolaheard about Skeem Saam’s casting pretty late. Nevertheless, she gave an audition to the show with her full faith and finally landed her role as Sis Ouma. 

Despite her fame, Sis Ouma is not mentioned on the Wikipedia website yet. 

Learn about Sis Ouma’s Husband and Family

Sis Ouma’s onscreen husband was Ramolao.

Ramolao was played by late Thema Mokoena. He passed away in June 2019.

In real life, Sis Ouma leaves her family and three children: Siyosindiswa, Ntombi, and Patience. They were all born to Ouma’s previous marriage. 

Sis Ouma was married to an unnamed man for 7 years. However, the former couple parted ways, which reportedly had left Ouma in clinical depression for a while.

The actress was a Christian by religion and followed her faith with a full heart. 

We are saddened by the death of Sis Ouma. She will be dearly missed by everyone. Thank You. 

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