Sky Sports: Michelle Owen Husband Wikipedia

Michelle Owen Husband – Who Is Sky Sports Reporter Married To?

Michelle Owen Husband – Who Is Sky Sports Reporter Married To?

Michelle Owen recently had a baby with her husband Adam Venton. The Sky Sports reporter got married to Venton in 2015.

Recently, Owen was mom-shamed after people mistook she put her son on a leash. The rainbow color ribbon was actually hovering around and some people thought it was a leash!

However, the reporter has clapped back at the shamers. She asked them not to judge anyone based on a photo.

Michelle Owen Husband: Who Is The Sky Sports Reporter Married To?

Michelle Owen Sky Sports reporter is married to her husband, Adam Venton. 

Owen and Venton have been together with each other for over a decade now. Likewise, they officially got married in September of 2015.

Adam is a Creative Director and Freelance Music Producer by profession. In addition, he also coaches the football team of Portishead Town FC.

Besides, Venton is supportive of his wife’s profession. In fact, Both share the love for football as Michelle reports the Soccer Saturday and Soccer special for the Sky Sports News.

Michelle Owen Son And Children: Is She Pregnant Again?

Michelle Owen’s children include her son named Zac. 

Zac is just about to celebrate his 2 years birthday in 2021. However, Owen did not have a very easy pregnancy experience.

When Michelle Owen was pregnant back in 2019, she suffered severe complications from Hyperemesis gravidarum. It is a rare condition that leads to extreme nausea and vomiting in 2% of pregnant women.

Nonetheless, the reporter carried her work along with the condition. Similarly, Hyperemesis gravidarum usually gets better after 20 weeks.

Today, Owen and her spouse have joined Pregnancy Sickness Support to raise awareness on Hyperemesis gravidarum. Adam even completed a 100Km race challenge to raise funds for the organization.

How Much Does Michelle Owen Earn In Salary?

Michelle Owen yields a decent net worth from her salary, which is not disclosed yet.

The journalist holds multiple jobs across different networks. Besides Sky Sports, She is a Television presenter for IMG Groups and Sports Reporter for BBC.

In October 2020, Owen began producing and hosting her own podcast named Robins At The Gate. The show is supported by Little Monster Media and talks about the latest Bristol City news.

Michelle Owen is aged 31 years old. She celebrates her birthday on December 7 each year.

The reporter graduated from Swansea University with a Bachelors’s degree in English and Communication. Moreover, you can follow her on Instagram and Twitter as @michelleowen7.

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