Skye Tantaga | Onision First Wife Age, Children And Net Worth

Skye Tantaga

Skye Tantaga | Onision First Wife Age, Children And Net Worth

Skye Tantaga is YouTuber Onision first wife. They were married for a few years. Get to the age and children details of Skye below.

Skye Tantaga an American Youtuber and influencer of a decade back. She is well known for her channel named FellFromTheSkye.

Skye Tantaga: Onision First Wife

Skye Tantaga is the first wife of YouTuber Onision.

The former lovebirds first met in 2003 when Onision was serving in the United States Air Force. They cherished their romantic life for a couple of years before taking their romance to the next level.

Skye and Onision tied their nuptial knot on August 5, 2005.

They were married for 5 years, from 2005-2010. Rumors say that they separated due to differences in life choices. Even though they looked like a happy couple in YouTube videos, they separated as they did not want to continue their marriage.

Onision has been a great YouTube sensation with 2.04 million subscribers, where he usually makes skits and funny videos. Onision is known to be entertaining with his amazing acting skills and creativity. 

Skye Tantaga Age

Skye Tantaga’s real age is unknown.

However, she seems to be somewhere around her 30s as of 2021.

Skye’s height is also said to be 5ft and 5 inches tall. 

Skye Tantaga Children

Skye did not have any children with Gregory Jackson, also known as his Youtube name Onision.

Though she was married to a fellow YouTuber for five years, she and Onision were not blessed with any children.

Skye Net Worth And Earnings

Skye Tantaga garnered her net worth through her YouTube endeavors before.

The exact figure of her earnings is unexplored, though.

She had a YouTube channel named Tantaga which she later deleted.

At the moment, she has a channel called FellFromTheSkye, which has 8.63k subscribers. She has only one video on the channel, posted 9 years ago called Svlog: It fell from the Skye.

This particular vlog has over 73,143 views which were posted in the year 2011.

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