Skylar Deleon Wikipedia Age And Net Worth: Where Is He Now?

Where Is Skylar Deleon Now? Everything To Know About Him

Where Is Skylar Deleon Now? Everything To Know About Him

Skyler Deleon Wikipedia is undocumented. But know his age and whereabouts here. Why was he arrested?

Mr. Deleon was a normal American actor until he was convicted of the murder of two individuals.

He was popular, especially among children, as he was one of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers actors.

Skyler Deleon Wikipedia And Age

Skyler Deleon’s Wikipedia is not documented.

However, one can gain a brief insight into his bio from this article.

So, Skyler Deleon’s age is 41 years currently.

As per his IMDB profile, he was born in 1979, and his birthday falls on 12th August.

Similarly, he was born in Sun Valley, Los Angeles, with his birth name being John Julius Jacobson Jr.

Furthermore, he was well-known for working on Power Rangers in 1993.

Speaking of his family, he was married to his wife, Jennifer Henderson. However, they got divorced in 2006.

The pair have 2 children together.

His Net Worth

Mr. Deleon’s net worth is off the record.

As the man is now in prison, we do not think he has any remarkable net worth. However, his earnings before being imprisoned must be lucrative as he was an actor,

Where is Skyler Deleon Now?

Skylar Deleon is serving his death row in prison as of now.

To explain his crime, he murdered a couple named Tom and Jackie Hawks back in 2004.

He convinced the couple that he was interested in buying their yacht and asked them to take him and his wife on the test.

Later Skyler forced them to sign the ownership papers and threw them overboard, reported Daily Mail.

So, he was found guilty in 2008 and was arrested with 3 charges without the chance of parole. Similarly, his wife was also arrested for helping him in the murder. 

The motive of the murder is said to be the need for financial aid that would help him with a sex-change operation. 

Moreover, he is said to have moved to a women’s prison, and his gender was officially changed to a woman by the Supreme Court of California in 2019

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