SmashGodxxx Twitch Girlfriend, Age Height And Net worth

Who is SmashGodxxx Twitch? Girlfriend Assault And Everything To Know

Who is SmashGodxxx Twitch? Girlfriend Assault And Everything To Know

SmashGodxxx is a Twitch star who allegedly assaulted his girlfriend in one of the streams. Get to know his age and height. 

SmashGodxxx was spotted abusing his girlfriend on a Twitch stream. The footage shows that he was streaming when his girlfriend walks in. And suddenly, they start to argue. 

Following the argument, SmashGodxxx turns the camera off, and an audible slap can be heard in the background. However, there is no graphical evidence of him hitting his girlfriend. But the sound is pretty much of a slap. 

Also, he has not been active on social media ever since the incident. 

SmashGodxxx Twitch Girlfriend: Who is he dating?

SmashGodxxx’s girlfriend often appears in his Twitch streams. 

However, there are no known facts about her until now. Until recently, he had never spoken about her when the streamer was caught allegedly abusing her in the stream. 

No details are known of the incident yet. Neither he nor his girlfriend has made any comments regarding the alleged assault. 

The streamer had more than 11k followers on his Twitch channel. However, it has been removed now.

SmashGodxxx Age and Height: How old Tall?

SmashGodxxx has not shared his age and birthday yet. However, the streamer seems to be in his 20s. 

Also, SmashGodxxx stands at a decent height of 5 feet and 8 inches. He is of Asian ethnic group and has brown hair and dark eyes. 

He has been streaming for more than 4 years now. Prior to this ban, he was banned from Twitch twice already in 2019 and 2020. 

SmashGodxxx Net Worth: Meet him on Instagram

SmashGodxxx’s net worth and earnings remain under review for now. 

The main source of his income is his merch and Twitch channel, which is no more present. Besides, he is present on Instagram and Twitter as well. 

But the streamer lacks a Wikipedia bio. He is currently trending on Reddit due to the alleged assault on his girlfriend. 

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