Sodsai Dalzell Age, Wikipedia, Husband

Sodsai Dalzell Age, Wikipedia: 10 Facts To Know About

Sodsai Dalzell Age, Wikipedia: 10 Facts To Know About

Who is Sodsai Dalzell? Sodsai is a kidnapper who tried to kidnap Joe Montana’s grandchild. Sodsai attempted to kidnap the 9-month-old grandchild of a very famous Football player Joe Montana who played as a quarterback.

Name Sodsai Dalzell
Age 39 years
Gender Female
Nationality Thai

She was caught in action and was recognized later on. It is known that she tried to kidnap while the 9-month-old was sleeping. Not much about her is known to anyone yet as she has not disclosed info about her Is She Married? It is not known whether she is married or not.

Reports also said that Joe and his wife are totally unknown about who she is. After this incident, Sodsai has been in the headlines of the news and is seen on each and every news channel.

10 Facts on Sodsai Dalzell:

  1. Sodsai Dalzell’s age seems to be 39 years currently.
  2. There is definitely no Wikipedia page available under her name. We are hopeful that you will get to know about her from our 10 facts.
  3. There is nothing to know about whether she has been marred or not. Thus, we are unable to provide you the information about her husband. 
  4. Sodsai has only been known as a kidnapper who tried to kidnap the popular American former footballer, Joe Montana‘s grandchild. 
  5. According to reports, she was unknown to both Joe and his wife. 
  6. There have been tons of pictures released after the incident happen and if you wish to check them out, they are easily available on Daily Mail and TMZ.
  7. Talking about the origin of the story, it is believed that Sodsai had broken into the former footballer’s house and she immediately grabbed the baby from the playpen. 
  8. Later, when Joe and his wife caught her, she even refused to give back the child which sounds really scary. 
  9. Joe tweeted the same day about the incident which can be seen above. 
  10. There is literally nothing to know about Sodsai’s profession but the investigation is still going on and we will know a lot about her very soon. 

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